What Does Swirl Mean in African American Culture

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Swirl, Swirler, Swirling Relationship Meaning & Definition

When you hear the word swirl, there is a good chance that you automatically start to think about soft serve ice cream.  However, there is also another meaning for the term ‘swirl.’ In fact, this swirl is actually in reference to ones relationship status.

The term ‘swirl’ is actually a slang word that has grown popularity within the African American communities, and is used as a label to describe the relationship of two individuals who just happen to be of different nationalities or ethnicities.

While always a hot topic for debate, interracial dating is still considered to be a controversial subject to discuss, however it has been gaining more acceptance in most communities.  Throughout time, however, when historical events are recounted, the dating of two different ethnicities is in fact a very hot topic. If you take into consideration that at one point in time, there were laws that had been put in place that would clearly state two people who were not of the same ethnicity or nationality, were prohibited from being married.  What made things even worse, these same laws were actually strictly enforced and had legal consequences if broken.

While it is unfortunate that there are still some out thee who share these same negative attitudes, these people are not the norm and ‘swirling’ has become quite common practice.  In fact, there is even an entire romance book that is dedicated completely to swirling.

Interracial dating, aka swirling, is a great way to expand your dating pool in order to help you discover your one true love that you have been waiting to be with your entire life.  While it is not necessarily for everyone out there, if people are able to open their hearts and their minds, it can be. Just remember that if you do decide to give swirling a try, always do so like you would any other relationship.  You want to try to build something in your swirl relationship that is based off of trust and positivity, if your relationship is going to succeed and be healthy.

Keep in mind that all healthy relationships are never based off of some weird sense of self-hate, or to help you fulfill a fetish or fantasy that you may have.  A healthy, real relationship is always going to be based off of honesty, trust and mutual respect. On top of that, everyone involved in the relationship needs to feel good about the relationship, as well as be happy within the relationship.  What this means, is that at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters the most is that you are in a relationship with the love you need, and that makes you happy. Because let’s face it, swirl or no swirl, your heart is going to want what your heart wants.

That is the definition of swirl and exactly what it means.  It can easily become one of the most beautiful things that you have ever been involved in, as long as both yours and your partner’s personalities are a match.  Just be true to yourself and good things will come your way.

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