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Yarn Braids: What Are They and How to Do Them

There is a good chance that you may have found yourself in a situation where you were having a conversation and nodding your head along when it comes to yarn braids, but in reality, you have literally no idea about what anybody is saying or discussing.  If that is you, then you have nothing to worry about. You are about to learn the ins and outs, as well as everything in between when it comes to yarn braids.

What Exactly are Yarn Braids?

To break it down as much as possible and make it as easy as it can be, yarn braids are when you have braids in your hair, but instead of being made of your own hair, they are actually made from yarn.  

Chances are that if you have never heard of yarn braids before, it may sound like it is a pretty out of the box idea.  In fact, some people out there may even think that it sounds super tacky or even a cheap way to try and create a unique hairstyle.  And if you do ever see someone with yarn braids, you may have even given them a second look as you were slightly confused as to what was actually going on with that person’s hair.  While that may be the case for most people, there are also a lot of different divas that have devoted themselves to yarn braids, as they do have some serious upside when it comes to their benefits.  As if extra benefits weren’t enough, when done correctly, they can look pretty awesome as well.

So How Long Will Yarn Braids Last?

Like most hairstyles, the length that they last is going to depend upon several different factors.  You may have even heard some of the horror stories that are floating around about how somebody’s hair locked up while trying out yarn braids.  Unfortunately, that is true and there have been cases where the person wearing the yard braids did have their hair turn into locs with the yarn braids still in.  This is one of the main reasons why people who do have yarn braids will take them out prematurely. But rest assured as their hair locking is not due to that of yarn braids.

The reason why some people with yarn braids have experienced troubles is because they used the wrong kind of yarn.  Instead of using yarn that was specifically designed for yarn braids, they would use regular yarn. This is a huge no-no when it comes to yarn braids.

Using actual wool yarn, or even ‘natural yarn’, when you are doing yarn braids, is one of the quickest ways to get yourself into a hot mess.  This type of yarn will easily lock up with the rest of your real hair extremely quickly. Once this happens, you will get to spend the next several hours trying to get all it completely out of your hair.  

What you need to do instead of trying to make yarn braids with real wool yarn is to use synthetic yarn.  Once you have the right type of yarn for your yarn braids, they can last anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks long.  There are some people that will take their braids out sooner than that if they feel that the style they have is starting to look messy or unkempt.  But when your yarn braids are installed correctly, and hey are relatively small braids, you can realistically expect to get around about 6 to 8 weeks out of your yarn braids.

The one downside however, is that the color in the yarn you used may began to fade slightly from the original color the more time that they are left in.  For some, that is not a big deal at all. But if you do want to make sure that your yarn braids are always the original color, you will need to braid your hair about every 3 to 4 weeks.  

What are the Benefits of Yarn Braids?

While yarn braiding is not going to be for everyone, if you are bold enough to try it, you will find that there are actually several benefits that come along with it.

#1 – Yarn Braids are a Huge Money Saver

Being able to purchase a pack or 2 of synthetic yarn will be enough to completely do your whole head in yarn braids, and will only run you from about $5-7, maybe even less.  Now compare that to braiding hair that is going to run you about $2.99 per pack, and assuming that you will need 4-5 packs to complete your entire head, you will be spending around $15, maybe even more.

#2 – No More Mess

If you try, you should have no trouble making a mess putting in your yarn braids.  However, this yarn mess is in no way going to come close to the type of mess that you will experience dealing with a weave.  It will get all over every room of your house, and then you have the strands that are going to follow you everywhere you go. And when it comes to braiding, if you have ever braided your hair, you already know that it is extremely annoying to do.  

#3 – Yarn Braids Look Natural

When you do or get your hair braids done properly, there is a good chance that you will not be able to tell that they are actually yarn braids.  The trick to getting this ‘all-natural’ look is to make sure you seal all of the ends of the yarn that you are using. This means that you will have both, all-natural looking yarn braids, as well as a nice, beautiful braided new style.

When it comes to yarn braids, it may not be for everyone.  But if you would like to change your look and try something new, yarn braids may be the perfect option for you.  Just be sure that you use the correct yarn and seal the ends of the yarn as well. This will ensure that your yarn braids will look great and last for weeks to come.

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