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Love Boat’s Ted Lange Biography & Net Worth

Born on January 5, 1948 in Oakland, California, Theodore William Lange, aka Ted Lange, comes from a very artistic family. His mother, Geraldine Lange, hosted her own TV show called Womantime and ┬áCompany, which was broadcast on San Francisco’s KQED. His father, Ted Lange Jr., was an actor at the reputable Los Angeles’ Ebony Showcase theater in the late 1950s. It comes as no surprise that Ted Lange has been bitten by the acting bug ever since his childhood.

Ted Lange Early Career

Ted Lange’s acting career began when he entered City College of San Francisco, choosing to major in Drama. During his studies, he took an active part in various theatrical performances on a regular basis. Ted Lange’s acting was so good that the Black Students Association of San Francisco City College named him Best Actor. He also managed to win a scholarship to the University of Colorado’s Shakespearean Festival in the summer of 1968.

After graduating college, Ted Lange appeared in various Oakland productions and was a guest artist in residence at Santa Clara University. He also performed at the University of California at Berkeley and made appearances with the New Shakespearean Company. With his acting in the musical Hair, Ted Lange made his first Broadway appearance. Soon enough, he appeared in another Broadway show, Ain’t Supposed to Die a Natural Death.

Screen Actor: Ted Lange

With his performance in Wattstax, Trick Baby, Blade, and Larry films, Ted Lange made his first screen appearances. Soon, he played the role of Junior, a worldly-wise and funny ladies’ man, in That’s My Mama TV series. Appearing in all 39 episodes of the show, Ted Lange experienced a solid TV series debut.

It was not until The Love Boat, however, that Ted Lange could explore his acting talent to a fuller extent. On this top-rated TV show, he played the role of Isaac Washington, the upbeat bartender on the ship Pacific Princess. In this memorable role, Ted Lange has appeared in 9 seasons of this long-running TV series broadcast by ABC TV.

Arguably, playing the role of Isaac Washington on The Love Boat was a pivotal period in Ted Lange’s acting career. In the course of ten years, he was one of the key faces of the America’s favorite family show. To this day, Ted Lange is recognized by many as the cheerful moustached bartender, serving advice as much as beverages.

Even though ABC TV canceled The Love Boat in 1986, playing Isaac Washington was far from over for Ted Lange. Four years after the show’s cancellation, he appeared in this role in the movie adaptation to the original TV show. In this CBS broadcast movie, The Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage, Ted Lange entertained the viewers as Isaac Washington again.

In 1997, Ted Lange made his guest appearance as Isaac Washington in two episodes of the Martin TV series. Soon, in 1998, he played this role again, as a guest actor on The Love Boat: Next Wave. Finally, the memorable character of Isaac Washington portrayed by Ted Lange was also featured on the Family Guy TV show.

Besides the above, Ted Lange has made appearances on a variety of TV series and movies, and continues acting today. As such, he has been a guest actor on TV shows like Scrubs, Drake & Josh, General Hospital, among others. He has also appeared in multiple movies, such as Othello, Carts, The Adventures of Umbweki, Steps of Faith, and others.

Ted Lange the Screenwriter, Playwright, Director

Ted Lange’s acting background is clearly extensive, but simply calling him a talented actor doesn’t encompass everything Ted Lange is. On top of his acting career, he has also managed to become a successful screenwriter, playwright, and director. As such, Ted Lange has 5 screenwriting credits, 23 director credits, and credits for the many plays he has written.

Ted Lange’s first successful screenwriting experience took place in 1977, when he wrote the screenplay for the drama Passing Through. Later, he also ended up writing screenplays for the 6 episodes of The Love Boat TV series, starring him. The movies Prophet Nat and Big Daddy’s Barbecue and the series Players at the Poker Palace used his screenplays too.

Passionate about the genres of history and comedy, Ted Lange has been both writing and directing many plays in theater. One of them, the historical drama George Washington’s Boy, is truly noteworthy and showcases Ted Lange’s talent as a playwright. Through its narrative, describing the relationship between George Washington and his slave, Ted Lange stayed true to historical drama tenets.

In the course of being an actor on The Love Boat, Ted Lange directed 12 episodes of this top-rated show. He also directed many episodes of the series Players at the Poker Palace and The First Family, among other shows. Furthermore, Ted Lange directed For Love of Amy, Take Me to Broadway, Take It from the Top, and other movies.

Ted Lange Net Worth

As it appears, acting seems to have been the main source of revenue for Ted Lange throughout his entire career. But little is known about the exact amount of his net worth, since most actors prefer to keep this private. Various estimates, however, seem to suggest that Ted Lange’s net worth might amount to up to $4 million.

Interesting Facts about Ted Lange

Ted Lange has two children, Turner Wallace Lange and Ted IV, from his first marriage. His first wife was Sheryl Thompson, whom Ted Lange married in 1978 and divorced in 1989. In 2001 Ted Lange married again to Mary Ley, to whom he is still married.

Ted Lange co-wrote a sex advice column with adult film actress Jenna Jameson in the American edition of the FHM. In this column, as Ted Lange notes it himself, he tried to help guys learn how to develop a relationship.

Writing is clearly a big passion of Ted Lange, but he has other hobbies too. In his spare time, Ted Lange likes to play chess and be physically active, playing touch football, swimming, and fencing.

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