Who is Montia Sabbag – Kevin Hart Extortion Scandal

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Montia Sabbag – Kevin Hart Extortion Sex Scandal

If you have seen any comedy movie within the past 5 years, there is a good chance that standup comedian turned actor, Kevin Hart, was in some way, shape or form, part of that movie.  One of the biggest comedy based movie stars in the history of cinema, there may be something that you didn’t know. This being that Kevin Hart was involved with an extortion attempt against him.

Montia Sabbag was the woman who decided to come forward and claim that she was the person in a video that was eventually used as an extortion case against the successful comedian and actor.

Speaking out at one of the many press conferences with her very high-profile lawyer, Lisa Bloom, she would go on to refute any claims that she had any knowledge or played any part, attempting to get money from Kevin Hart.  The extortion claims were originally founded when an explicit video that showed Kevin and Montia surfaced online.

The video, which was originally posted to an Instagram account, was later said by Hart to be ‘someone just trying to make some type of financial gain from him being in the video in question’.

Hart would later to go on and say, ‘I made a bad error in judgment and I put myself in a bad environment where only bad things can happen and they did.’  

With everything that happened due to the release of this explicit video, there are five things that you should know about Montia Sabbag, the woman who was actually caught in the middle of this scandal and supposed extortion attempt.

She was supposedly involved in a ‘romantic’ relationship with Kevin Hart

Montia and her high-power lawyer would eventually claim that her and Kevin Hart had been engaged in a ‘intimate relationship,’ that spanned the period of at least one month.  While in Las Vegas, the two were secretly filmed together in a hotel room.

Sabbag would go on to claim that since the release of the video, there had been several videos, pictures and even lies that had been printed about her.  She would eventually claim to be a victim of several different felonies, as she was filmed at the time without her consent of any kind.

She would also go on to claim that somebody snuck into Kevin Hart’s hotel room and placed a video camera in it with the sole intention of catching intimate photos and videos of the two.

Montia Sabbag claims to not be related to any type of extortion attempt

During her press conference, Montia Sabbag was extremely adamant that she was in no way, shape, or form a part of any supposed scandal to extort money from the actor, Kevin Hart.

She would go on to say that, ‘I’m not an extortionist; I’m not a stripper.  I have not broken any laws. I had nothing to do with these recordings.’ She would also go on to claim that she was never approached in any regard to her involvement in this scandal.  To top off, she also claimed that she would soon be going to local law enforcement in order to file a claim on her behalf.

 Montia Sabbag hired an extremely high-profile lawyer to defend herself

You may be asking yourself why someone would need to hire such a high-power attorney such as Lisa Bloom to defend them if they are completely innocent in an extortion scandal?  Well, according to Sabbag, the only reason she hired such a well-known lawyer was so that she would be able to ‘protect her rights’. However, in do so, she would also add her name to a list of some of the highest profile clients of all time.

In fact, Sabbag’s lawyer, Bloom, has been recently reported as having clients such as Blac Chyna, which was due to the break up of herself and then husband, Rob Kardashian.  On top of that, Bloom has also been the representation of Kathy Griffin, right after she released a photo of herself holding the head of president Donald Trump.

She has not asked for any kind of monetary compensation

During Montia’s press conference, it was made extremely clear that she was not seeking any type of monetary compensation in any way.  In fact, they would go on to state that they were not looking for any money from Kevin Hart at all. All they were looking to do was to clear Montia’s name of any wrong doing, just the same as Kevin Hart.  She would then go on to comment about how not only she is the victim in the whole situation, but Kevin Hart was a victim in it as well. As if that weren’t enough, Sabbag’s lawyer, Bloom, would even go as far to invite Kevin Hart to join them in the fight to bring the real guilty parties involved to justice.

She claims that she is both an actress, as well as recording artist

While all of the initial reports about Montia Sabbag came out claiming that she was really a stripper by profession, she would go on to deny those claims.  Instead, she would claim that she was actually both a actress, as well as a recording artist. Her lawyer, Bloom, would also go on to state that Montia was also an aspiring model as well.  While this is what was claimed, there are actually no listed credits with Montia Sabbag’s name in the IMDb film database.

While there is a ton of speculation about whether or not Montia Sabbag’s true motives were to try and extort actor Kevin Hart, all that we can do is to look at the facts that we know.  The above-mentioned five points clearly lay out all of the details in this Kevin Hart extortion scandal. Whether or not Montia Sabbag was actually trying to extort money from Kevin Hart or not may never be confirmed, nor denied.  All you can do is to take the facts and come up with your own decisions.

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