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Lola Adesioye Biography: Music & Media

Lola Adesioye is a commentator, songwriter, singer, writer and broadcaster that was originally born in London, England, to her Nigerian mother and father.  Being fortunate enough to attend Rosemead Preparatory School, as well as James Allen Girls’ School, she grew up attending some of the most prestigious schools in all of Dulwich, located in South East London.  Excelling at both musically and academically, she would eventually be named the Head Girl while at Rosemead Prep, and then named Head Girl and Music Scholar while attending James Allen’s. As if that weren’t a huge accomplishment within itself, she would also participate on the European Youth Parliament team, as well as compete on the debate team as well.

Moving onwards to college, Adesioye would go on to study Medieval and Modern Languages, those being both Spanish and Italian.  She would do so at Robinson College, located in Cambridge. She would eventually switch her studies and major in Social & Political Sciences.  Adesioye would earn herself a BA degree, later being awarded the honorary master’s degree that the university would give to her.

Being one of the more politically active on her college campus of Cambridge University, Adesioye would hold elected for over two years, being an officer of the Anti-Racist and Ethnic Minorities office.  It is during this time that she would come up with something that is now known as ‘Cambridge University’s Little Black Book’, which was written to help colored students, as well as the university when it came to the topic of race relations.  Her book would go on to become used by the UK Department of Education at one point in time.

Being someone who goes after what they believe in, Adesioye would eventually get the opportunity to make an appearance on the BBC documentary, Black Ambition, back in 2004.  This show, which was one of the top-rated shows on primetime BBC, followed eight different black students while they finished their final year at Cambridge.

Adesioye in the Media

Being an accomplished international writer and commentary specialist, she has spoken on several different topics in several different countries, some of which include politics, culture and society, in the US, Africa, and the UK.  Her works have been published in several different major publications, some of which include The Guardian, BBC, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post’s The, The New Statesman, Forbes Africa, and even TIME Magazine.

Being described as one of the top 11 black commentators that you need to be following, she has also been named one of the top wordsmiths in all of Nigeria.  This shouldn’t be surprising, however, as her grandfather was also one of the leading pioneers of PR and journalism in Nigeria as well.

Currently, Adesioye is working not only a commentator spreading her opinion, but she is also working as a songwriter, as well as a singer.  Having worked off and on in the music industry since her graduation at Cambridge, she has had her hand in many different productions since then.  With Adesioye, there is no telling how far she will be able to take her career.

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