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African American Lesbians that are Famous

A large part of the LGBT community is now being made up of black lesbian celebrities who are trying to make a difference and pioneering for more equality and rights that will help to protect the community and its interests.  They are standing firm when it comes to their voices being heard and the attention to some of the problems that they face, those including sexual problems minorities are faced with, as well as equal rights. Whether they are sharing their stories through books, or even incorporating them into movies, here are some of the most prominent black lesbian celebrities.

Dee Rees

With a completely feminine demeanor, Dee Rees is a director who struggled with her sexuality growing up, eventually coming out of her shell and letting everyone know her true self.  While she was able to finally be true to herself, her parents were unable to accept it, forcing her to endure some religious reminders in an effort to have her reconsider. Her life story would be reflected in the movie Pariah, a movie that she was able to direct that told the story of a 17-year-old black teenager.  Her and her partner, Sarah Broom, have been together happily since 2017, living in Upstate New York.

AZ Marie Livingston

Coming from a broken home that was caused by her father becoming gay and trying to embrace his new sexuality, Ashley Marie Livingston would fall in love with modeling when she was just a child, and had a feeling from a young age that she was not really into men in regards to her sex life.  She would eventually be bold enough to start dating women, not allowing herself to hide who she really is. She is currently one of the many different voices that is using their particular platform to help advocate for the LGBT community.

Meshell Ndegeocello

Meshell Ndegeocello, a ten-time Grammy Award nominee, took her name when she was only 17 years old, which according to her translation, has a meaning similar to ‘free like a bird’.  The freedom that she speaks about carries over to her sexuality, as she is extremely open and proud, and doesn’t really care what other people say or think about her. Being that she is openly bisexual, one of her past relationships was with the feminist author known as Rebecca Walker.  She does have two sons from a previous marriage with Alison Riley, to whom she was married for 5 years.


Most famous for her roles in The Cosby Show and That’s So Raven, Raven Symone has had a very successful acting career.  Playing the adorable child from the Show, she has also appeared in several different television shows, some of with includes Hanging With Mr. Cooper, Cheetah Girls, and even Black-ish.  Being very talented in a number of different areas, Raven-Symone also raps, models, and dances too. On top of that, she enjoys writing and singing her own songs. Having won our hearts while she was just a child, she prefers the company of other women when it comes to her sexuality.  In fact, at one point, she took to Twitter to announce how excited she was after some of the states began to legalize gay marriage, saying that she thought it was great news to hear that she is now able to get married without having any type of legal troubles.

Azealia Banks

Despite the amount of abuse that Azealia Banks and her sister were exposed to by the hands of their single parent mother growing up after her father had passed of pancreatic cancer, she was able to use her musical talents to rise above it all and rise to fame.  She now freely expresses her bisexuality without having any fears at all. Accused for being homophobic at one point in her career, she would use that accusation to clear the air and come out about her sexuality. Since that time, she has enjoyed both genders, mainly going after the one that she is feeling at any particular time.

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts, one of the better-known sports reporters, took it upon herself to reveal her sexuality through Facebook, announcing that she was dating another woman on her Facebook page.  She is very bold and proud about her sexuality and does not concern herself with anybody other’s opinion about the topic, as she has figured out that she doesn’t need anybody else’s validation in order to be happy.

Sheryl Swoopes

Being a former athlete, Sheryl Swoopes was the first black women who was signed by the WNBA and has proudly announced that she is not interested in men, but rather prefers women.  This was back in 2005. According to Sheryl, she has no control over who she develops feelings for and falls in love with, and that her sexual orientation in no way, shape or form, changes who she is as a person and her personality.  While she still remains a three-time MVP from her days back in the WNBA, she is also amount the top 15 of the game’s all-time greatest players. And as she has made clear in the past, her sexual orientation is never going to be able to change any of those records.

Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman, a singer, has been helping to empower the entire LGBT community with the songs she sings, one of which is known as ‘Talking Bout a Revolution’.  While she has not yet publicly announced that she does prefer the company of women to men, it does not hide that she is currently dating Alice Walker, the author of the national best-selling book, The Color Purple.  While Tracy may not necessarily be too keen on joining the LGBT community anytime soon, the LGBT community definitely identify with her.

While there are obviously more famous black lesbian celebrities than the ones that have been mentioned on this list, these are the ones that are using their particular platforms to help move the community forward, lobbying for equal rights.

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