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Ebony Steele Biography: Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Facebook & More

If you are a fan of TV and radio, then the name Ebony Steele should mean something to you. Ebony Steele is one of the most popular on-air personalities in the United States. She dabbles in comedy, business and both radio and TV show presenting. Some of her most successful endeavors include co-hosting the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and the Dish Nation show on FOX TV. Almost every single celebrity we know and love has a background that we would all love to know. Most start small to become who they are now, and Ebony is no different.

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Ebony Steele’s Career Background

For several years, Ebony Steele worked as an on-stage performer. She dabbled in modeling, dancing, theater and also competitive pergents. While studying at the University of Tuskegee, Miss Ebony won the sought after title of Miss Tuskegee. She also held other titles like Miss Gulf Coast and has numerous recognitions from the Miss Alabama contest. The former beauty queen graduated from the University of Tuskegee with a B.S Degree in Mechanical engineering after which she sought for a career in broadcasting.

Ebony Steele’s Career in Broadcasting

Ebony began her career in broadcasting at WBHJ-FM which was the first station to offer her a chance to be a co-host to an on-air show called the Cox Buckwild Morning Show. A month into this job, she was diagnosed with cancer. Like a champ that she is, Ebony went through four months of chemotherapy and a mastectomy while still working. This would have her fly between Dallas where she was undergoing treatment and her home Birmingham where she worked regularly.

After working in Dallas for quite some time, Ebony was introduced to the famous comedian Rickey Smiley at the Thom McCann Shoe Store, and this changed her career positively. Eleven years after this casual meeting, Ebony Steel landed a spot in one of America’s top-rated Hip-Hop morning shows called the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. During this gig, Ebony was allowed creative freedom that saw to her exploring her comedy skills while writing content for the show. She came up with daily on-air stand up sketches that she called ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’ This led to yet another stand-up sketch that she called ‘ain’t nobody saying nothing.’ These two comedic sketches led to her meteoric rise in the comedy industry and opened doors to several jobs in the said industry after that.

Ebony was asked to lend her voice to the wildly popular prank phone call series by Ricker Smiley and Roy Wood Jr. all this she did while still co-hosting the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. In a short while, this show was ranked among the five top radio stations and was put on the running to be featured on Fox Network Television. This was not quite the competition for the Rickey Smiley Morning Show as at the end of the day the show was selected to be featured on Dish Nation TV show on the FOX Network. She was dropped from the Rickey Smiley show in 2014 for reasons not known to many.

Ebony has garnered herself a lot of recognition in the entertainment pop culture having interviewed top shots like Zoe Saldana, Ciara and the Queen B herself (Beyonce) among others. She has made several guest-host appearances on shows like HNL and CNN, and her voice has quickly become one of the most prominent voices in America. Ebony has gone on to do voice-overs for top brands the likes of Delta Airlines, Walmart, Organic Roots Stimulator, the SyFy Channel and Verizon Wireless among others. She has also worked on other TV and radio shows like Coffee with America and Daily Blast Live.

Ebony Steele’s Personal Life

Ebony was born in June 1972. She was born in Matteson but was raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She and her sister were raised by Baptist parents and taught the Baptist way. She moved from Birmingham upon getting into the Tuskegee University from where she graduated and moved back home to pursue her career in broadcasting. For seven years, she was the wife to Marco Arrington who is currently her ex-husband.

Owing to her struggles with cancer during the early years of her career, Ebony Steele has made it her business to shed light on breast cancer in some of her shows. While doing so, she highlights the importance of early discovery and treatment, which she credits as the reason she beat her battle with cancer.

Currently, Ebony is working on several projects, including leading one of the largest dance studios in Alabama called the Ebony Arrington Dance and Performance Studio which she founded. What more would we expect from our lady of Steel!

Ebony Steele Net Worth

Ebony Steele’s net worth is around $300,000.

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