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Born on April 26, 1985 in Harlem, New York City, Brittany “Bre” Scullark is an American fashion model and actress. Despite success in the fashion industry, Bre Scullark has not aspired to become a fashion model from an early age. It’s been from her early age, however, that she has established herself as a strong individual with a determined personality.

Bre Scullark’s Early Life

Bre Scullark spent her childhood and adolescence under the influence of Catholic education, attending a Catholic elementary and middle school. When she turned nine years old, she took up competitive swimming, managing to win several medals across various swimming competitions. During her high school years, Bre Scullark attended Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School for International Careers located in Manhattan, NYC.

Following high school, Bre Scullark entered SUNY Sullivan, a two-year public Sullivan County Community College located in upstate New York. During her studies there, she pursued her major in international sales, doing her internship at the showroom of Vincent Nessi. She began her career as a fashion model when she participated in The Annual Juneteenth Celebration Fashion Show in NYC.

Debut in Fashion Industry: America’s Next Top Model

Bre Scullark’s career in fashion saw breakthrough following her numerous appearances on the America’s Next Top Model reality TV series. After becoming one of the contestants on Cycle 5 of the show, she had a rather successful run on it. During her time on the show, she managed to win two of the show’s challenges, receiving one first call-out too. She also managed to win the Cover Girl of the Week vote twice, in two episodes of the television series.

Despite the challenges on the show, Bre Scullark managed to come in 3rd on Cycle 5 of the television series. She appeared on the show again in 2006, providing her critique of the walks of the contestants on Cycle 7. In 2011, she came in 10th on Cycle 17, which was the first All-Stars edition of the reality television series. During this appearance, Bre Scullark represented her Cycle of the television show along with her former fellow contestant Lisa D’Amato.

Bre on America’s Next Top Model: Challenges on the Show

Compared to other contestants on the show, Bre Scullark established herself as a model with spunky personality and sultry voice. She also become famous for her memorable incident on the show, which she had with her fellow contestant Nicole Linkletter. Having discovered her granola bars stolen, Bre suspected Nicole to be behind it, disposing of her energy drinks in return. Later in 2011, another show’s contestant at the time, Lisa D’Amato, confessed that she stole the bars, provoking the incident.

Throughout her time as a contestant on the show, Bre Scullark undeservingly ended up four times in the bottom two. This took place because Bre Scullark found it hard to deal with the cutthroat nature of competition in fashion industry. For instance, her rather successful photos were often neglected due to her behavior at the photo-shoot allegedly lacking in professionalism. She also refused to elongate her height during the Bollywood photo-shoot and preferred to stay high fashion over commercial success.

Bre Scullark’s Further Career in Fashion

Following her first appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Bre Scullark signed to the American international modeling agency Ford Models. Since signing to Ford Models in NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago, she has appeared in various commercials and advertisements. Besides this, Bre Scullark has also starred in Ask Bre featurettes, which she has done with her modeling agency too.

Ms. J, the runway coach on America’s Next Top Model, called Bre “one of the best walkers on the show.” Thanks to the referral, Bre Scullark managed to take part in various fashion shows, including Rip the Runway on BET. She has also appeared in Hot 97’s Fashion Show and was a model for Valentino, Nicole Miller, and Doucette Duvall.

Bre Scullark has been a highly sought-after fashion model in print, with many prominent magazines featuring her as a result. Namely, she’s been featured in CosmoGirl, Ebony, Elle Girl, Vibe, Hype Hair, Essence, Mahogany, Cover, Six Degrees, and other magazines. She has been a model in various print advertisements for such brands as Sears, KMart, Vaseline, Walmart, and other companies.

As part of her career in fashion industry, Bre Scullark has been taking part in endorsement campaigns for various brands. As such, she has been the model in commercials for such famous companies as Garnier, Old Navy, Target, and Pantene. She is also the spokesmodel for the line of skin care products made for women of color by Ambi Skincare.

Bre Scullark’s Acting Career

On top of her TV appearances during the America’s Next Top Model series, Bre Scullark has been on other shows. She has made several appearances on The Tyra Banks Show, the talk show where celebrities get interviewed about everyday things. Bre Scullark has also made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, following her participation in Cycle 17.

Bre Scullark played Dee in the 2011 sitcom For Better or Worse, both written and executive produced by Tyler Perry. Bre Scullark appeared in three episodes of the show: “A Better Me”, “Forsaking All Others”, and “For Baby Mama Drama.” Besides Tyler Perry’s show, Bre Scullark also won a guest starring role on an episode of CSI the same year.

In 2011, Bre Scullark made her appearance in the short drama film Heartfelt, featuring the true story of Asahn Simmons. A year later, Bre Scullark appeared in the drama film In the Hive, playing the role of 6 8 Gangmember. In 2013, Bre Scullark appeared as Mona in the drama film Let the Church Say Amen directed by Regina King.

More Facts about Bre

Bre Scullark has been a spokesperson for the non-profit organization Drop Dead Gorgeous, which takes a stand against child sex-trafficking.According to Office Magazine, Bre Scullark has transitioned from modeling to teaching yoga, bringing yoga to urban communities and jails.

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