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Who Are the Best African American Female Comedians Today?

Comedy comes in all different forms.  However, when it comes to comedians, comedy is unfortunately still predominately male dominated.  And like everything else, just because somebody is a comedian, does not mean that they are actually funny.  In fact, there are many comedians out there who are actually not funny at all. But at the same time, there are also plenty of comedians who are going to defy any and all expectations and will be funny than anything you could have ever imagined.   

What may surprise you is that some of these funny people who will blow you away with laughter are black women that have been able to carve themselves a special niche in their areas, which can include basements, comedy clubs and even bars.  And what makes this even more impressive is that this is happening across the entire country. So who are some of the funniest black female comedians that are being referred too?

While most of the ladies who are listed below tend to be located in or around New York, that is because New York is considered to be the comedy capital of the country.  But here are the black females that are on the rise and ready to take the comedy space by storm.

Michelle Buteau

Being of Caribbean descent, Michelle Buteau is one of the up and coming black female comedians who specializes in stand-up comedy.  Based mainly out of New York, Michelle has been able to elevate her status as a one of the funnier stand up comedians by performing shows at several different comedy clubs spread out all though out the city.  On top of that, she has also been able to give your career a serious boost by performing on television, mainly on the Late Late Show along side of Craig Ferguson.

While Michelle may be a rising star within the stand-up comedian community, her talents have also allowed her much success in other areas of comedy as well.  For example, she was chosen to be the co-host to the VH!’s Big Morning Buzz alongside of Nick Lachey back in 2014. Unfortunately, this show would eventually end up being cancelled.  Not stopping due to a show cancellation, she was also a key role in the show Key & Peele, as well as The Eric Andre Show. More recently, Michelle was able to debut her comedy album, that was entitled ‘Shut Up!’, which can be heard on iTunes and is definitely worth checking out if you are in the mood for a good laugh.

Janelle James

Janelle James is one of those special black female comedians, as she has carved out her own little niche, that niche being weed humor.  Obviously, weed humor is not the only thing that Janelle excels at while doing comedy, but she is also know for being fun and frank, as well as telling some hilarious stories.  In fact, for those who have seen her in action, they all agree that she makes you feel like you have known her for just about your entire life. This is due to the fact that she has a special ability to get you nodding along with the stories that she tells, as everything that you are going to hear is going to be laughably relatable.  

Also being of Caribbean origin, Janelle was able to start her comedy career in the Midwest of the country, eventually relocating to New York.  She is currently doing tours that span across the entire country, with acts such as Rob Delaney and Hannibal Buress.

Marina Franklin

Maybe one of the most well known up and coming black female comedians, Marina Franklin has been fortunate enough to have performed on stages all over the world.  She has graced such festivals as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs, and even the Bonnaroo.

Starting her comedy career back in 1999, she has experienced much success throughout her entire career.  Having appeared on such shows to include the Jay Leno show, Last Comic Standing, and even the Chappelle Show, Marina has been able to grow herself into somewhat of a household name.  When not doing features on television, Marina does stand-up comedy in New York at some of the more renowned comedy clubs, the likes of the Gotham Comedy Club and the Comedy Cellar. This is a good thing as it means that you will be able to go and check her out on stage the next time you are in the New York area.

Phoebe Robinson

Known for doing comedy with Jessica Williams (who does some of the commentary for The Daily Show), Phoebe Robinson does a Brooklyn-based show with her comedy partner on a monthly basis that has evolved into a podcast called 2 Dope Queens.  Even though her current activities are done with her partner, she is also a very well established black female comedian on her own as well.

Being one of the finalists in the NBC Stand Up For Diversity College Tour back in 2011, Phoebe has also done her sets at several different comedy festivals that have taken place all over the country.  Currently however, she can usually be found doing stand up comedy around the New York area.

While this list only contains a few of the many black female comedians out there, it is a list of the black female comedians that will make you laugh, a lot.  These are the up and coming comedians that are easy to fall in love with and you will enjoy watching perform and listen too, no matte where you are or what you are doing.  

Just remember that anytime you decide to experience a new comedian that you always go into every performance with an open mind.  While their particular style of comedy may not be exactly what you are use to, that doesn’t mean that that particular comedian is not going to be funny.  Who knows, they may even become your new favorite black female comedian of all time.

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