Best Texturizers for Black Hair in 2019

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What is the Best Texturizer for African American Hair? Top Texturizers for Black Hair in 2019

Most people get their confidence from various things, could be wealth, looks or an infused glow that emanates whenever they step outside. However, one thing am certain of is that a sparkly and well maintained hair could be a great boost to your self-esteem.

As an inalienable right, your hair necessitates an unnerving attention and more so black hair which is difficult to maintain and yet beautiful. Now, do you ever get the need to constantly straighten your hair? Of course you do! 

Then this eventually sparks a morbid fascination that might see you going out on a limb to try out different hair products and blow dryers. Well your search is over, turn to texturizers! A texturizer is a mild and safer form of a relaxer, and non-arguably the best option for black hair.

It uses a protein compound known as keratin, which in turn contains cysteine, an amino acid. All these chemicals permanently change the structure of hair and will have you straightening all those nagging curls at the comfort of your home!

A texturizer basically loosens your curls when the hydrogen bonds in cysteine are broken. You haven’t heard the best part yet! Texturizers tremendously cut down on time, unlike its counterpart relaxers!

Below is a list of the top five texturizers that you must include on your shopping list for adequate straightening of curls.

Best Texturizers for Black Hair List

Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray **TOP PICK**5 out of 5 stars
UNITE Hair TEXTURIZA Spray4.9 out of 5 stars
Beautiful Textures Manageability System4.8 out of 5 stars
Beauty by Earth4.7 out of 5 stars
Sebastian Professional Texturizer4.8 out of 5 stars

Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray

This argan oil infused texturizer will ensure your hair is lined out into long and piecey dimensions. Its moroccanoil scent is freshening, consisting of a mixture of spicy amber aromas and sweet floral notes. Have your hair scented and straightened with no tussle.

The most fascinating component of Moroccanoil dry texture spray is its ability to kill two birds with one stone. What do I mean? You could choose to use it as a finishing spray or alternatively use it to provide a rigid grip when styling your braids. 

Tired of sticky and annoying residues? The Moroccanoil spray will leave your hair perfectly dried up and glowing. It works well when you simultaneously stroke with every spray, while holding it 8-10 inches away.


  • Promotes touchable texture
  • Promotes grittiness
  • Does not leave any sticky residue


  • Significant results may take time
  • Sprays out too much with one touch


This product is very workable especially when dealing with extremely dry hair. It also strays away from leaving any sticky residue while being prone to manipulation to any desired style that you may wish for!

Hunting for the perfect hair product is both terrifying and exhilarating. In many cases the goldmine is always a few feet away .So forgive me if I come out too strong but the UNITE hair TEXTURIZA offers perfect texture, volume and fullness for a fulfilling hair experience.

It has an adjustable spray nozzle! So consider all the misfortunes you’ve had with clogging hair sprays gone! It will have your hair looking slick with an impressionable smell and a hold that will prevent it from falling down.


  • Smells very nice
  • Has an adjustable nozzle
  • Provides a strong hold for your hair


  • It’s expensive
  • Creates frizz

Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight Texture Manageability System

Some might dub the Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight Texture Manageability System as the holy grail of texturizers. Allow me to elaborate, it includes an inner-ActiveTM leave-in conditioner manufactured with a myriad of chemicals.

These chemicals include; essential oils, butters and amino acids and in this prime form, it softens your hair making the detangling process a blast! It also includes a cleansing shampoo and a humidity defence anti-reversion shampoo that allows you to reverse your natural hair.

Yes I said it, being able to reverse your curls to straight hair! The fact that these chemical are completely safe also allows you to go back and forth. Its ability to vend off humidity will also ensure that your straight styles are long lasting, quite a remarkable feat!


  • Efficient for detangling
  • Provides great texture
  • Allows for reversibility from curls to natural


  • May leave frizz
  • Extremely dries you hair

Beauty by Earth

Ever been traumatized? Doesn’t take a kidnapping to traumatize someone! A hair product that damages your hair can do the job. Beauty by Earth is a sea salt texturizing spray, and is simply an all organic fusion made up of; organic aloe, green tea, algae and raspberry fruit. 

This salty experience is compatible to a day on the beach, meaning you’ll get a windswept and beachy hair experience. Beauty by Earth desists from using any synthetic ingredients and will produce not only strong hair, but also fragranced.

Looking to accentuate that lovely dress with well styled up hair? Your search may have just ended! It also nourishes your hair and provides a lovely texture, volume and beachy waves around your hair. A beach experience without having to go to an actual beach!


  • Made up of natural ingredients
  • Leaves beachy waves
  • Does not leave your hair completely dry


  • It’s expensive
  • Leaves some frizz

Sebastian Professional Texturizer

The Sebastian texturizer is a subtle but effective hair product. It is manufactured with some very promising ingredients like wheat and soya proteins. Its strong hold is perhaps texture, as it offers a toned texture to your hair while boosting its natural energy.

The ingredients allow for toning of individual strands, could be either curly or straight hair. This toning provides a great hold ensuring that your hair does not fall down. An essential product that will also keep your shiny and well designed to your suitability.

Having classified volume and shape as benefits, I am also pressed to reveal that all you need is one pump, to revel in the glorious ways of Sebastian Professional Texturizer! Spare yourself all the trials and go for a product that assures you volume, shape and hold.


  • Promotes volume
  • Promotes shape 
  • Promotes good texture


  • Provides a mild hold
  • Feels sticky


Conclusion & What is the Best Texturizer for African American Hair

Taking care of black hair has never been easy due to its fragile nature. But despairing won’t amount to anything, not a tad bit! Products like texturizers exist specifically for you, so making a choice shouldn’t be hard since you know you deserve to have good hair.

However, it would be rude of me if I didn’t help you out, the Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight Texture Manageability System (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE) is definitely my pick. Formulated with an inner-ActiveTM leave-in.

It also comes with a humidity defense anti-reversion shampoo that allows you to go back and forth between your curls and hair, remarkable indeed! This breakdown cannot be complete without mentioning its ability to keep your hair humid.

Radiate confidence wherever you go! You deserve that beautiful black, with the wavy, beachy curls and moist strands .So just reach out and take it, choose Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight Texture Manageability System!

How Texturizers Work

Texturizers have always been able to permanently change the structure of your hair. Hence forcing you to cut off your hair, if you desire your natural hair back. However, due to the increasing creativity whirling around, bounds have been broken.

Manufactures have been able to formulate texturizers that allow for reversal! Texturizers mainly include the lye formula, which uses sodium hydroxide to break the hydrogen bonds in cysteine hence resulting to straightened hair.

On the other hand the no-lye uses calcium hydroxide. Like I mentioned before texturizers are simply the mild forms of relaxers. Hence are accompanied with the same instructions the only difference is that they are safer. When it comes to hair we all want safe and dashing don’t we?

Have you taken a strand test yet? If “no” then don’t sit around and watch hair products take away your gleam! This helps to know which product you’ll buy, anyway back to the process. Carefully apply the texturizer to your hair sections. 

Having used tons of hair products am very sure you’re familiar with the drill! Well it’s no different for texturizers, simply leave it on the hair for about five to ten minutes maximum. This is yet another area texturizers triumph relaxers, time!

The next step to take after applying a texturizer is to make sure you adequately wash your hair with shampoo. This neutralizes the chemicals hence bringing the whole chemical process to a halt, we wouldn’t want to burn out our hair!

Black hair is as natural as the plants! It’s truly a site to behold, and for this matter you should always be away of your hair’s in-depth requirements and susceptibilities. If you have a sensitive scalp, you can apply jelly as a precaution, we’re looking for beauty not a burned up scalp! 

You can also use a conditioner, this is to prevent any severe drying out. Hence it simply moistures your hair out. Disclaimer! Be wise while shopping for a texturizer, it must be already clear to you on whether you wish to completely straighten your hair or just simple curls.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Texturizers

Texturizers may glitter and present great possibilities to those with black hair. Indeed, being able to style your natural hair into curls or straight strands! But it’s not always ray and shine since texturizers come in varieties, so there must be upsides and downsides.

These are some of the advantages of texturizers:

  • They are much safer as compared to relaxers since the chemicals do not last for long on the hair, hence chances of them causing any damage are very minimal
  • Texturizers offer you two choices, in that you are able to slightly loosen up your natural curl pattern. Hence the results are vary, some hair textures end up bouncy curls, while others wavy.
  • Texturizers also come in handy in styling, since they make it easy to comb. You don’t have to worry about your hair being extremely tangled anymore!

As much as it disappoints me to say, but a utopian world is simply a figment of our imagination! Hence everything must have its downside, and with a product that induces chemical processes like texturizers, we must be wary.

There are the disadvantages of texturizers.

  • Do you have long hair? And you wish to try out texturizers? Well I must warn you that, the uncertainty of using texturizers on long is quite profound. This is because it can be difficult to get uniforms results for long hair, they work best for short to medium hair.
  • Since it permanently changes your hair, it would be unwise for anyone wishing to transform back to their natural texture to use texturizers. This can be devastating and could even force you to cut off your hair, and I know you love your hair!
  • The common misconception is that texturizers are “natural” this is due to a vast number of products formulated by natural ingredients. I am not however calling them out as frauds! Though texturizers initiate chemical processes and hence can still be harmful.

Taking care while applying Texturizers

Do you want to look smashing? With your natural black hair, you can do this and more. Thus you should wield this “gift” granted by texturizers with great care. Be sure to carry out aftercare conditioning and oiling continuously.

By now you should be aware of the fact that texturized hair isn’t necessarily natural hair. And I can’t blame you for thinking so! Some texturizers are able to retain your hair’s natural curl pattern effortlessly, but the whole process is still chemically induced.

This warning comes due to the fact that most people are under the impression that they can stop using texturizers anytime and have their natural hair magically pop up again like boom! However, going back to your natural texture can be very stressful.

Hence it goes without saying that texturizers like many other hair products spark an unrelenting dependency. This could have you running back to them, faster than you can say ‘texturizer’. But if you do not wish to be fully natural again, then texturizers bring nothing but good tidings!

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