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Top Shaving Cream for Sensitive Black Skin – Best Shaving Products for Black Man in 2020

For most men, shaving is a task that they do not look forward to. The reasons being that it may result in a number of skin challenges as well as irritation. For black men, the issues are more advanced.

Top 5 Shaving Creams for Black Man

Majestic Pure Sandalwood Shaving Kit **TOP PICK**5 out of 5 stars
ACRIMAX Shaving Kit4.9 out of 5 stars
LATHER Almond Shave Crème4.8 out of 5 stars
The Art of Shaving Cream4.7 out of 5 stars
VIKINGS BLADE Activated Anti-Aging Shaving Cream4.8 out of 5 stars

Why is this the case?

Black men have profoundly thick hair. The case of ingrown hairs is a challenge for black men. What happens is that because of the curly and dense hair, the case of ingrown hairs is profound, the hairs cause irritation on the skin and in some cases may cause inflammation and injury to the skin as well. This especially happens when you are using a shaver whose shaving blades are not angled in a way that they cut the hair at an angle suitable for how the hair grows.

This becomes an issue because when facial hair is cut at a non-suitable angle, it forms sharp ends which prick the skin once it starts to grow back, leading to such issues as razor bumps.

However, this happens to men of other races as well. It is just more profound with black men.

There are a variety of shaving creams that have been designed to handle this issue. However, because of the severity of the skin issues in black men, there is a need to use the best products in the market.

Looking for the best product for a black man is quite challenging but necessary.

Best Shaving Cream for Black Men List

Discussed below is a list of shaving creams that we found to be the best for black men.

Majestic Pure Sandalwood Shaving Kit *Best Shaving Cream for Black Men*

This shaving kit created by Majestic Pure consists of a variety of shaving products including the shaving oil, a shaving brush, shaving cream, and the shaving after balm. The shaving brush is handcrafted to allow for it to give you the best shaving experience.

The shaving cream in this kit is formulated with sandalwood essential oil that allows for soothing of the skin, inflammation relief and relief from irritation as well. It is also guaranteed to leave your skin looking and feeling fresh and cool as well.

It also contains other essential oils like grapeseed oil, which regenerates the skin and keeps it moisturized.


  •   It contains essential oils that moisturize and regenerate the skin
  •    It relieves inflammation
  •    It relieves irritation
  •    It produces a foamy lather


  •    It may cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin
  •    It may cause irritation if it gets in contact with the eyes.

ACRIMAX Shaving Kit 

The ACRIMAX shaving Kit consists of a shaving brush, stainless steel stand, shaving cream, and a bowl. The brush is made purely from badger hair which happens to be soft, gentle on the skin and at the same time hard enough to be able to generate lather. The stand is made from zinc allow, which is resistant to rust and long-lasting.

The shaving cream, or rather, the soap, in this case, is made from natural ingredients and has zero traces of toxins in its formulation. It has a scent that gives the feel of freshness. It foams easily and lasts for a considerable amount of time.

It does not cause irritation, and it is kind to the skin as well.


  •    It is made from natural ingredients
  •    It is cheap
  •    It relieves irritation
  •    It foams easily


  •   The scent may cause irritation to those with a sensitive skin
  •    It may result in allergic reactions

LATHER Almond Shave Crème 

This product is guaranteed to protect and moisturize the skin. Its gentle and non-foaming nature allows for the razor to glide over the skin without causing any harm to it. It is also quite gentle and easy to use owing to its high cream concentration.

The presence of almond oil and glycerin in the formula of Almond shaving crème helps in the reduction of skin irritation. It is formulated with natural ingredients like Shea butter, coconut oil, and other essential oils and natural minerals that help maintain the health of the skin and the facial hair.

It lathers well, and it also nourishes the skin as well as the facial hairs.


  • It is made from natural ingredients
  • It contains essential oils like coconut oil and Shea butter that nourishes the skin
  • It moisturizes the skin
  • It reduces irritation caused by shaving


  • It is expensive
  • It may cause allergic reactions

The Art of Shaving Cream  

The art if shaving Cream is a lavender scented shaving cream that is known to produce a foamy lather that is rich. It helps in protecting the skin and preventing the irritation of the skin that comes from shaving.

This is achieved due to the improved glide of the razor that ensures that the skin if free from burns as well as irritation. It also allows for a close yet comfortable shaving experience.

It is formulated with essential oils that nourish the skin and prevent the facial hairs from damage. It also moisturizes the skin and does not cause allergic reactions.


  •  It relieves irritation
  •    It promotes a close and comfortable shaving experience
  •    It nourishes the skin
  •    It prevents burns caused by shaving


  • The scent may cause irritation
  •    It may cause harm if it comes into contact with the eyes or open wounds

VIKINGS BLADE Activated Anti-Aging Shaving Cream for Men

VIKINGS BLADE launched this product this year as an improved version of their previously branded shaving cream. What is different with this shaving cream is the fact that it is a tranquil, calm, and Zen cream with special anti-aging features.

It contains activated charcoal which is guaranteed to trap toxins and chemicals out of the skin. It is made from ingredients such as bamboo charcoal, glycerin, water, aloe vera, and other non-toxic chemicals. This product also has a sweet and attractive fragrance added to it.

It moisturizes and protects the skin from irritation. It is also quite affordable and easy to come by.


  •   It has special anti-aging features
  •    It contains charcoal which traps chemicals and toxins from the skin
  •    It relieves skin irritation
  •    It glides smoothly over the skin


  •    The fragrance may be harmful to those with sensitive skin
  •    It does not lather

WSP Luxury Rustic Shaving Soap 4.4 oz

This product is especially known for its ability to form lather quickly. It has breath cushioning and a glide that is gentle on the skin, making it good for a close shaving experience.

This product is naturally vegan. This means that it is made from purely natural ingredients. Such ingredients include coconut oil, stearic acid, water, potassium hydroxide, and glycerine. This makes WSP Luxury Rustic Shaving soap gentle on the skin and a reliever of skin irritation and burns from shaving.

The soap is concentrated in its formula to allow it to last longer. It also has a sweet and attractive fragrance.


  •    It is a pure natural vegan soap
  •    It is gentle on the skin
  •    Its concentrated formula allows for it to last long
  •    It has perfect cushioning and glide


  •   The fragrance may cause skin irritation on sensitive users
  •    It lacks moisturizing features

Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream

This product is crafted from purely natural ingredients such as that are safe and guaranteed to give you the smooth shave you need to avoid razor burns, soothe and hydrate your skin. The quantity and the package is suitable as it allows for up to a hundred shaves, which is not the case for other products of its kind.

Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream relieves the skin from razor bumps, irritation as well as redness. This is made possible by the presence of paraben-free formula and zero added synthetic fragrances.

This product is guaranteed to be safe even on the most sensitive of skins, especially since it has no scent or fragrance. Additionally, Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream is affordable.


  •  It is made purely from natural ingredients’
  •    It relieves irritation, redness, and bumps
  •    It has hydrating features
  •    It is affordable
  •    It is gentle on sensitive skin


  •  It has the consistency of lotion that may be a turn off to some men
  •    A small amount may dry out in the bottle mouth

Bay Rum Shaving Cream for Men

Perhaps what makes this specific brand of shaving cream stand out from the rest is the fact that it has a brushless convenience. This means that it can lather without having to use a brush; a fingertip can do the trick.

It is formulated with anti-oxidants which are guaranteed to leave your skin looking youthful and refreshed. It is also a preventive agent against bumps and redness that result from shaving. It is rich in emollients and other natural ingredients that are highly effective. Organic smoothers and moisturizers are also part of its formula.

Additionally, this product has defense features against harsh factors of the environment.


  •   It serves as a defense mechanism against harsh environmental factors
  •    It keeps the skin smooth and free from bumps and redness
  •    It hydrates and moisturizes the skin
  •    It contains anti-oxidants that give the skin a youthful glow


  • It may cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin
  •    It is very expensive

JACK BLACK Supreme Cream Shave Lather

The JACK BLACK supreme triple cushion shave is one luxurious shaving cream that is formulated to lift the hair up away from the skin with its lather to allow for a clean, close and smooth shave. It contains three hydrating layers.

These layers create a layer of protection that acts as a cushion between the skin and the blade. Its light weight formula makes it suitable for most skin types. It consists of essential oils such as jojoba oil and eucalyptus, which give the skin nourishment and prevents irritation and relieves burns, redness, and irritation of the skin.

Its transparency also allows for better absorption and moisturizing.


  •    The lack of a scent makes it suitable for everyone even those with sensitive skin
  •    It lathers well
  •    It is made from natural ingredients
  •    It moisturizes and conditions the skin


  •    It has a thin consistency
  •    It is costly

Cremo Original Shave Cream

The Cremo Original Shaving Cream is known to fight the challenges that most men face during shaving. Such challenges include razor burns, razor bumps, irritation, and redness of the skin. By doing so, it allows for a close and comfortable shaving experience.

It is formulated with unique and slick molecules that allow the razor to glide over the skin gently and effortlessly, leaving you with a smooth feel. Its formula is also quite concentrated that it requires just one squeeze the size of an almond seed.

It is made from natural ingredients and essential oils like almond oil, jojoba oil, extracts of lemon, papaya and olive leaf extracts among other natural ingredients.


  •  It is made from natural oils
  •    It contains several essential oils
  •    It has a concentrated formula
  •    It nourishes and moisturizes the skin


  •   It has a thin consistency
  •    It may cause allergic reactions

What to consider before choosing the perfect shaving cream for a black man

Without proper knowledge, it is easy to pick any product from the shelf and use it on your skin. The problem is that some of these products contain chemicals that may be harmful to your skin and cause you more harm than good. It takes a lot to get the right product for your skin, especially as a black man.

The things to consider before landing on the final product include:

Knowing your skin type

To get the right product, then you need to first know your skin type and what is good for your skin. There are three types of skin types that all men, including black men, fall under. These include; the sensitive skin, the dry skin type, and the oily skin type.

For men with a sensitive skin type, the first thing you need to do is to avoid shaving creams that contain astringents. This element is especially harmful to people with sensitive skin. Scented products also cause irritation to people with sensitive skin.

For men with oily skin; however, the astringent is a useful and beneficial element. It reduces the oil in the skin and prevents the pores from clogging from the oil.

Black men suffer from dry skin. When choosing a shaving cream, you need to consider one that consists of glycerin as one of its ingredients. These elements help to relieve the skin from nicks and cuts during shaving.

It is able to do so by creating a foundation on the skin that allows for an easier glide of the glad over the skin hence preventing irritation and razor burns as well as razor bumps.

Knowing what products you are allergic to

There are several cases where men suffer from allergic reactions to one specific product. Most of such people will opt to change their product of choice. However, the problem will keep persisting if you have not yet put a finger on the exact ingredient you are allergic to.

For the case of black men, there are some specific products that may cause allergic reactions resulting in issues such as rashes and irritation. Such elements include;


This particular element is connected to such issues as diseases like asthma and other conditions like allergies. Several such cases have been reported making this element a health threat to most people, including black men. It is included in products like shaving creams to fight bacteria, but many are times that it causes allergic reactions.


This is an element that is used on several skin products because it is used to eliminate the side effects of products manufactured from petroleum-based ingredients. However, it has been known to cause several side effects due to its organ toxicity.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is used to clean up the skin in cases where it is applied directly from the skin. Regardless, it has harmful side effects that include the fact that it takes away the natural oils from the skin, creating a lack of moisture in the skin. Additionally, it stays present in the skin for up to five days.

How to Choose the Best Shaving Cream for Black Men?

There are several criteria for choosing the right shaving cream for your skin. Such include:

The lather value

there is always some luxury in a wet shave. Without a rich amount of lather, it is impossible to achieve a wet shave, hence the need for a shaving cream that lathers well.

While looking into the product description of shaving creams, be keen on the lather feature of the shaving cream. The benefits of lather include the fact that it promotes smoothness of the skin, better softening, and makes the application process easy as well.

It is important also to note that if you use hard water while shaving, it may hinder the lathering of the shaving cream.

The essential elements

before buying shaving cream, be keen to note the ingredients. Good shaving cream should contain essential oils and other helpful elements that will do good rather than harm to your skin. Synthetic ingredients cause harm to the skin.

I would personally recommend a product that has been formulated from natural ingredients. Such products are known to promote the health of the skin and not to cause any harm on any skin type. Such natural ingredients include coconut acid, water, glycerin, stearic acid and essential oils such as sandalwood, green tea, coconut oil, and jojoba, among others.

The type of product

there are three basic types of shaving creams that differ from each other in a few ways. The first product is the canned shaving cream, which is basically a pressurized foam type of shaving cream.

The other type comes with a brush. You need a bowl to lather the cream in with the brush. This type can be applied on the face easily, even using fingertips. Finally, there is the brushless kind that does not need any additional tool for its application.

The kind you choose entirely depends on your preferred form of application. Most black men have attested to the fact that the brushless kind works best for them.

The budget

when deciding on the product to choose, it is always wise to consider your financial capability. There are several affordable good quality products to choose from in the market.

Which is better, shaving creams or shaving soaps?

Both of these products actually do the same thing. However, they still differ in a number of ways.

Such differences include; the consistency. The soap lasts longer as compared to the cream due to its concentrated formula and higher consistency. The cream, on the other hand, is better for a luxurious wet shave as compared to the soap. These are just but a few of the differences between the two.

However, the two perform the same function, and both give incredible results. All you need to do is to go for what your personal preference is.

Conclusion & What is the Best Shaving Cream for Black Men

Without a doubt, there are several impeccable shaving cream brands in the market. Many of which have been mentioned in this article above. Each of the above-mentioned shaving creams has been proven without a doubt worthy of a try.

However, we found that the cream del a cream of the ten is Majestic Pure Sandalwood Shaving Kit For Men (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE). This brand is made from natural ingredients and consists of essential oils such as sandalwood oil and other essential oils; it relieves irritation, razor bumps, and razor burns. It is affordable and comes in an easy to use bottle.

The kit also comes with a perfectly crafted brush, soothes the skin, relieves inflammation, and nourishes the skin. Additionally, it is guaranteed to leave you with a fresh and cool feel.

So, are you looking for the best shaving cream for your skin? There you have it; Shaving Kit for Men with Sandalwood by Majestic Pure. Available in all trusted dealerships countrywide.

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