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What is the Best Protein Treatment for Relaxed African American Hair? Top Treatments for Black Hair in 2020

For any hair, protein treatments are an essential part of maintenance. However, there are different types of protein treatments meant for a different kind of hairs. For black hair, they are even more vital than for other types of hair.

What is the Purpose of Protein Treatments?

Protein treatments strengthen the hair, help prevent breakage of the hair, restore the elasticity of the hair, and also help repair hair that has already been damaged. When it comes to hair that has been chemically processed or rather, chemically treated, protein treatments are vital. Colored hair also benefits from protein treatments.

A majority of protein treatments also act as conditioning treatments.

Not all forms of protein treatments are created equally. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right kind of protein treatment, there are several considerations to make. For instance, what type of hair do you have?

Best Protein Treatments for Black Hair List

When it comes to black hair, the following are some of the best protein treatments you can use:

Nexxus Emergencee Pre; Reconstructing Treatment **TOP PICK**5 out of 5 stars
Hi-Pro-Pac Treat Extremely Intense Protein4.9 out of 5 stars
Aphogee Two Treatment Protein for Damaged Hair4.8 out of 5 stars
Aminotouch Natural PURE PROTEIN TREATMENT4.7 out of 5 stars
Arvazallia Fortifying Protein Hair Mask4.8 out of 5 stars

Nexxus Emergencee Pre; Reconstructing Treatment

This protein treatment brand is packed with coconut oil that conditions the hair making it smoother and stronger. For hair that is thinning, dry, and even breaking, Nexxus Emergencee Pre; reconstructing treatment is the go-to product. It repairs and restores damaged hair to its former glory.

This product works on thick and coarse hair and also hair that has been chemically processed. It makes the hair easy to manage as it gets rid of tangles and improves on the texture of the hair, and leaves the hair smooth. It is packed with a unique combination of natural oils that replenish, regenerate, moisturize and hydrate the hair right from its cuticles.


  • It moisturizes, conditions and hydrates the strands of the hair
  • It works well on coarse and thick hair making it perfect for black hair
  • It prevents hair breakage and repairs damaged hair
  • It works well on color processed hair


  • If instructions are not followed, it may harm the hair
  • It is costly

Hi-Pro-Pac Treat Extremely Intense Protein 8 Ounce Tube

This product is packed in three eight pound pieces. It treats and corrects even the most extremely damaged hair. It is especially useful when it comes to repairing thinning, dry, and extremely broken hair.

It is uniquely designed to improve the strength of the hair and eliminate the chances of hair breakage. For thick and coarse hair, this protein treatment detangles the inevitable tangles hence enhancing the manageability of the hair. It also works wonders on split ends and hair frizz.

It is made from a combination of beneficial natural oils like coconut oil that moisturizes the hair.


  • It repairs hair that has been excessively damaged
  • It strengthens the hair
  • It prevents hair breakage and prevents split ends
  • It conditions the hair


  • It has a scent that might be off-putting to some people
  • It is costly

Aphogee Two Treatment Protein for Damaged hair

It is a two-step chemical treatment that treats and repairs hair that has been extremely damaged. This product also rebuilds hair that has been broken and restores the original volume of the hair. Additionally, it helps to prevent further hair breakage and other forms of hair damage.

Aphogee is made from hydrolyzed animal proteins and other natural and non-organic elements that are beneficial to the hair. It has a sweet fragrance that is also not too strong. It strengthens the hair, softens the hair, replenishing the hair, conditions the hair and moisturizes the hair as well making it easier to manage.


  • It repairs hair that has been damaged and rebuilds broken hair
  • It prevents further hair breakage
  • It conditions the hair
  • It strengthens and softens the hair


  • If instructions are not followed, it may not produce the desired results
  • In some cases, it may leave a residue

Aminotouch Natural PURE PROTEIN TREATMENT by Keratin Research

Aminotouch is an organic pure collagen and keratin protein type of hair treatment that is designed to work on the hair from its roots to the ends and the edges. It deeply repairs dry hair, has damaged strands, split ends suffers from hair frizz and hair that has been over processed.

This product can be used as a pre-coloring or pre-bleaching treatment. This is because it prevents hair damage and helps the hair to retain a vivid, longer lasting, and brighter color. It also repairs hair that has been made dull faded by the sun. Amino touch can only be used on damaged hair and not healthy hair.


  • It can be used as a pre-coloring or bleaching treatment
  • It repairs damaged hair and prevents further damage
  • It repairs split ends and prevents hair frizz


  • It is costly
  • It cannot be used on healthy hair

Fortifying Protein Hair Mask and deep Conditioner by Arvazallia

This product is used in professional salons as a protein treatment meant for repairing damaged, dry, and brittle and hair that has been over processed. It also restores, strengthens, and helps prevent breakage of the hair. Additionally, it helps to mend split ends.

Fortifying Protein hair mask and deep hair conditioner profoundly conditions the hair and instantly transforms the texture of the hair, leaving it soft and easy to manage. Furthermore, this product promotes natural hair growth, helps to prevent hair loss, gives the hair added body and volume, hydrates and moisturizes the hair.


  • It hydrates and moisturizes hair
  • It deeply conditions the hair
  • It prevents hair loss and repairs damaged hair
  • It instantly transforms the texture of the hair


  • It is very costly
  • It may fail to produce results if instructions are not followed

How do Protein Treatments Work?

The molecules of a protein contain amino acids that are essential parts of the human body. A large part of the hair is made up of proteins, most of which are keratin proteins. They have beneficial effects on the body.

The proteins in the hair are prone to break down. This break down happens when the hair is exposed to elements such as sunlight, wind, pollutants, heat, and chemical elements. The damage becomes more profound if the hair has been chemically treated with colors, relaxers, perms, strengtheners of if the hair has been exposed to heat from styling tools excessively.

Continued damage to the hair may result in loss of elasticity, the hair becoming dry, brittle and eventually, it may result in excessive hair breakage and damage. Protein treatments are the solution to hair damage.

What happens is that these protein treatments are formulated in such a way that they create a protective barrier for the hair. The additional proteins obtained from protein treatments get bounded with the follicles of the hair filling any form of gaps or holes present within the cuticles of the hair. This results in the hair becoming stronger with the extra layer, which also acts as a protective barrier protecting the hair from any form of damage.

The result is that the hair looks and feels more nourished, stronger, and replenished, and the damage that had been done to the hair is reversed. The extra barrier also causes the hair to look larger in volume and have an increased volume. It also results in increased growth of the hair and lesser or no hair breakage or hair loss.

This, however, is a temporary solution to hair damage because the barrier wears out after a while. Therefore, regular protein treatments are recommended, especially for black hair. Regardless, it is also advised that you should not go overboard when it comes to protein treatments.

Protein treatment works best paired with deep conditioning. A protein treatment is an essential part of hair maintenance and restoration of hair.

What to Avoid with Protein Treatments for Relaxed Hair

As much as protein treatments can be used to maintain intense stresses, they should not be used in excess. The reason is that the elements that help to strengthen the hair and fill the gaps and holes in the hair cuticles can also dry the hair if they are exposed to the hair in enormous amounts.

If you also overdo protein treatments and fail to apply adequate moisture to the hair regularly as well as conditioning the hair regularly, it may result in brittleness of the hair.  Therefore, protein treatments should always be followed up with deep conditioning treatments or moisturizing conditioners.

Some protein treatments are packed with moisturizing and conditioning elements. However, additional moisturizing and conditioning are still recommended.  

Additionally, it is critical that you get the right kind of protein treatment that suits your hair type and your hair needs. If your purpose for protein treatment is to maintain your color treated hair, you may want to avoid using the intense kind of protein treatment.

Different Types of Protein Treatments

Light protein treatment

The purpose of this kind of protein treatment is routine care and hair maintenance. This kind can also be used to maintain color treated hair and relaxed hair that has not been damaged to the extent of hair breakage yet. For this purpose, the right kind of protein treatment is one that contains proteins like keratin.

This type of treatment can be done two to three times in a single month. However, it must be accompanied with moisturizing conditioners to prevent breakage and dryness. It is also wise to alternate two different kinds of less intense protein treatments with a deep conditioner to achieve the best results.

Serious damage to protein treatment

This type of protein treatment is done on hair that has been extremely damaged by chemicals. For this type of treatment, you will need intense protein treatments that will help to restore and repair the hair. It is probably wiser that you seek help from a professional who will know the right kind of product to meet this purpose.

You can also look for a product that has been recommended majorly for professional use only. Such treatments are designed to repair severe breakage and should not be used more than once in every six to eight weeks. You may be tempted to use more of these products in a short while, but doing so will only cause more damage to your hair.

If used well, protein treatments can be used to salvage even the most extremely damaged hair. However, if the treatment does not work, your only remaining option might be to chop off the damaged hair and allow it to grow better.

There are some types of protein treatment products that cannot be used on healthy hair as they may result in damage rather than help the hair. However, there are those less intense protein treatments that can be used on either damaged or healthy hair. It is essential, therefore to know which kind of product you are dealing with.

For black hair, the right kind of protein treatment is one that can restore and repair the hair, one that has conditioning and moisturizing elements, one with hydrating ingredients, one that discourages breakage and increases the volume of the hair and also one that promotes natural hair growth.

Conclusion & What is the Best Protein Treatment for Relaxed Black Hair

When it comes to protein treatment, it is crucial that you get the right kind of product because the wrong type might cause more damage that there was original. Each product discussed above is perfect for black hair. The Nexxus Emergencee Pre: Reconstructing Treatment (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE), however, meets all the criteria for the best protein treatment for black hair.

This product is formulated to repair dry, damaged, broken hair, mend split ends and prevent further hair breakage. Additionally, it is also packed with natural oils the likes of coconut oil that help in conditioning and moisturizing the hair leaving the hair healthier and softer. It works well on thick and coarse hair, making it perfect for black hair.

It also works well on chemically processed hair and should not be used on healthy hair as it may damage the hair. Nexxus Emergencee is an intense protein treatment packed with Keratin perfect for extremely damaged hair. Get yours today at an affordable cost!

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