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Best Hair Growth Products for Black Hair in 2019

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What are the Best Hair Growth Products for African American Hair? Top Black Hair Treatments for Growth in 2019

It is every woman’s dream to get their hair to grow as much as possible. However, hair growth requires a lot of maintenance and sometimes the use of some products that support hair growth.  Some women do not have an issue when it comes to getting their hair to grow.

When it comes to women of African American descent, hair growth is such a tasking endeavor. It takes more than just essential maintenance for black hair to grow and stay healthy. Black hair is vulnerable to breakage, hair frizz, and several hair issues that do not support the healthy growth of the mane.

Why is this?

The reason is that black hair is naturally coarse, thick, and curly. This means that simple actions like combing through the hair can lead to breakage. On the other hand, black women use a lot of products to tame their hair and these products many are times are the reason why the hair gets damaged due to the chemical content making it difficult to maintain a healthy hair that can grow naturally.

So, what can you do to promote hair growth?

Worry not for there are several products in the market that have been manufactured specifically to aid with natural hair growth and hair maintenance. Some of these products we discuss below:

Best Hair Growth Products for African American Hair

ArtNaturals Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner **TOP PICK**5 out of 5 stars
Hair Growth Vitamin Supplements by Zenwise4.9 out of 5 stars
PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Shampoo & Conditioner4.8 out of 5 stars
Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil4.7 out of 5 stars
iRestore Laser Hair Growth System4.8 out of 5 stars

ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner set by ArtNaturals

ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner is one of the best hair growth products in the market. It is manufactured from a blend of Argan oil, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, and other vital ingredients that help in the stimulation of the cell renewal process, which leads to healthy hair growth. It revitalizes the follicles of the hair and promotes a healthy scalp, which also leads to hair growth.

Additionally, this conditioner and shampoo’s formula contains several DHT blockers hence preventing hair damage and hair loss. DHT is one of the leading causes of hair loss as it cuts the supply of blood from the hair follicles. The natural oils in this product help improve hydration and smoothen the hair.

It is perfect for all hair types, and it also strengthens and protects the hair.


  • It prevents hair loss
  • It supports hair growth
  • It smoothens the hair by hydrating it
  • Its sulfate and paraben free


  • It is costly
  • It has a scent that may be off-putting for sensitive people

Hair Growth Vitamin Supplements by Zenwise Health

Zenwise Health has come up with these vitamin supplements that contain biotin and DHT blockers that are the perfect combination when it comes to fighting hair loss. The vitamins are supplemented with 25 powerful ingredients that help to nourish the weak and brittle hair giving both men and women a healthier, stronger, and softer mane.

The Biotin and Vitamin B7 that is present in this formula help to restore the thickness and strength of the hair as well as it’s naturally shone. These supplements also contain several vitamins like Vitamins A, C, E, B6, and B12, which help keep the hair healthy and growing. The grape seed extract that is one of the ingredients of this product help to maintain the scalp and protect the hairline as well.


  • It works on both genders
  • It eliminates hair loss
  • It supports hair growth
  • It promotes the health of the hair


  • They are expensive
  • Do not work on all types of hair

PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Shampoo and Conditioner for Anti-Thinning

This is one of the most effective products in the market when it comes to thickening hair and maintaining healthy hair. It is manufactured from a blend of 17 active ingredients that help to eliminate all the elements that lead to hair thinning. These ingredients also work actively in promoting positive hair growth and preventing future or additional hair shedding or thinning.

This set of products are packed with essential natural vitamins that strengthen the hair. The Moroccan Argan oil is also packed with hydrating nutrients that help prevent hair breakage and also to prevent a dry scalp. If you suffer from bald spots and frizzy hair, this is the go-to product as it conditions the hair, prevents hair breakage, and softens the hair.


  • It works on all hair types
  • It hydrates the hair
  • Protects the hair from breakage and thinning


  • If not used properly, it may not work
  • It is costly

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This is a set of products including the shampoo and conditioner. The Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil promotes hair growth. It is made with deep cleansing moisture that removes buildup and prevents hair breakage owing to the presence of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar.

The conditioner is rich with reparative elements including organic Shea butter, peppermint, and keratin proteins that help to smoothen the hair and detangle it while preventing further hair damage. In addition to restoring and detangling hair, this set of products is also known to revive the hair by strengthening it and restoring its moisture, making it appear less dull and healthy.

The peppermint ingredient helps to stimulate the scalp.


  • It conditions and smoothens the hair
  • Prevents breakage and stimulates hair growth
  • Thickens the hair and stimulates the scalp


  • It is scented
  • It is hard to come by

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

This is one of the most revolutionary hair growth products in the market. It is an FDA approved hair loss treatment and medical device that is used to treat conditions like alopecia, receding hairline, balding, and thinning of the hair. Additionally, this device is also designed to stimulate hair growth and re-growth in both men and women.

The manufacturers of this device guarantee 100% results in three to six months of failure to which they guarantee a refund for the device. The device is a sort of helmet that has been proven to be 100% clinically safe to use by both men and women. It is a comfortable device that is built to fit all shapes and sizes of heads and hair volumes.


  • It is 100% clinically safe
  • it is comfortable
  • it promotes hair loss and treats hair conditions


  • it is extremely costly
  • it is only available in the US

Haircare XL: DHT Blocker, Stops Hair Loss, Thinning, Balding, etc. by PRN Supplements

Haircare XL is a supplement that has been manufactured with DHT blockers that reverse the influence of DHT, which cuts the blood supply to the hair follicles. By doing so, it eliminates hair loss. It also contains hair growth vitamins that work together to stop hair loss and to help the hair to grow back and thickens the hair.

It is manufactured from more than 25 natural and safe ingredients that work from within to help stop hair loss, thinning, hair shedding, and balding. They repair the dormant follicles of the hair hence promoting new hair growth or fast hair re-growth.


  • It treats a variety of hair related conditions
  • It prevents hair loss and supports hair growth and re-growth
  • It contains DHT blockers


  • Only available in the US
  • It may cause allergic reactions

Hair Growth Serum, MayBeau Hair Growth Treatment Oil for Men and Women

This product is guaranteed to give results in less than thirty days. It promotes a healthier and stronger hair owing to the oils acceleration formula that also accelerates hair growth

It is FDA approved hair oil that is manufactured from pure natural extracts that have been severally tested and proven to be a success in promoting hair growth in both men and women. It also contains hair treatment serum-oil that can treat dry and itchy scalp while promoting cell regeneration and hair nourishment.

It also reduces hair frizz and fights hair color damage. It is perfect for all hair types.


  • It promotes hair growth and eliminates hair loss
  • It strengthens and nourishes the hair
  • It reduces hair frizz and fights hair color damage


  • It may cause itching to sensitive people
  • It may cause allergic reactions

Other ways to maintain healthy hair and promote hair growth for black women

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is one of the most vital aspects of hair maintenance for black hair. The reason is that black hair is naturally brittle and has a tendency to break. A deep conditioner can penetrate the scalp and give the hair added moisture.

Continued moisturizing has been proven to be a remedy to hair breakage. Moisturizing also hydrates the hair and the scalp. A good deep conditioner is one that contains proteins that help to nourish the hair and keep it smooth and repair the hair as well.

Brushing the hair using a boar bristle

Professional hair stylists have attested to the fact that brushing hair is a way of maintaining the hair. Regular brushing assists in the distribution of natural oils that occur naturally within the hair throughout the hair. Brushing also helps to shift the buildup of hair products that may have accumulated in the scalp.

Using a boar bristle adds to the advantage as it has firm bristles that can worth their way through the thick, coarse, and curly hair of African American individuals.

Using coconut oil

Coconut oil is an organic product that is free from any form of chemicals and or preservatives. Coconut oil is good for the scalp, and it promotes hair growth. An extra virgin coconut oil is even more beneficial to the hair.

It is a clear nonsticky version of coconut oil with a smooth texture and has the smell of fresh coconut. This product can be absorbed in the scalp, and the hair is quickly promoting a healthy mane and hair growth as well.

Look for products with essential oils

Essential oils are things like rosemary oil, coconut oil, lavender oil and grape seed oil among other natural products. Essential oils assist in the stimulation of the follicles of the hair hence promoting healthy hair growth as well as a healthy scalp. These oils can either be used in the manufacture of hair products or be used as individual hair products.

As individual hair products, natural oils can be used to rinse the hair or as moisturizers for the hair to aid in constant stimulation of the scalp.

Which ingredients support active hair growth?

There are several ways to stimulate the growth of your hair. The following ingredients are some of these ways:

Peppermint Oil

This usually is strongly concentrated oil that has to be diluted before use. When applied to the scalp, it can penetrate deeply into the scalp and stimulate the follicles of the hair. It allows for more production of oxygen, which encourages natural growth of hair.

It also stimulates blood circulation to the scalp.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil has antibacterial elements that assist in keeping the scalp clean and opening the pores. It also helps to prevent the growth of dandruff and conditioning the hair hence supporting hair growth.

Rosemary oil

This ingredient has been proven to be one of the most effective oils when it comes to promoting hair growth. It stimulates the scalp, encourages adequate blood circulation to the scalp, and assists in mending the thinning edges and bald spots.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is packed with more than twenty essential minerals and vitamins that help in encouraging hair growth by reducing the overproduction of sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that is produced by the scalp and clogs the spores reducing hair growth. Aloe Vera has antibacterial properties that zap the buildup of oil on the scalp allowing the pores to breathe hence encouraging active hair growth.

Stinging Nettle

Letting stinging nettle sit on your hair for an entire night can aid in combating the issue of hair loss and stimulates the curls of the hair and hair growth as well. The nutrients in stinging nettle help to regenerate the hair and block the effects and production of DHT, a hormone that promotes hair loss.

Onion Juice

This is a ‘Do it yourself’ treatment that can be used to encourage hair growth. Onions have high sulfur content, which is incredibly helpful when it comes to stimulating and increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Despite the unpleasant smell of this treatment, it has been proven to be highly effective.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This ingredient helps to eliminate thinning of the hair in the edges, the effects of excess heat during styling and other hair damage conditions. It also assists in hair growth and boosting the volume and body of the hair by stimulating the scalp.

Sage Oil

It increases the circulation of blood to the follicles of the hair. It also controls the excess production of sebum and encourages the healthy growth of hair and soothes the scalp in the process.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This ingredient helps to restore the PH balance in the scalp and stimulating hair growth. It also helps in eliminating buildup in the scalp and softening the hair in the process. It also efficient when it comes to giving the hair a radiant shine


Eggs are packed with important vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron, and selenium that assist in promoting hair growth.

How to prevent hair breakage

You need to avoid brushing wet hair. Hair is most fragile when it is wet. Brushing wet hair can cause severe damage.

You also need to avoid blow drying the hair immediately after the shower. It is wise to wait until the hair is halfway dry before exposing it to the heat of a blow dryer. When you blow dry while the hair is extremely wet, the heat becomes excess, and this result in hair breakage.

When curling, blow drying or straightening the hair using heat, it is essential to use a heat protectant. Applying a heat protectant helps to protect the hair from heat damage.

It is also crucial to ensure that you do not expose your hair to too much heat. When using heat to style your hair, always consider a low amount of heat. If possible, you can altogether avoid heat.

Air drying the hair is also most convenient when it comes to preventing breakage as a towel can be rough on the hair.

You can also use lotion on your hair as it helps to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage.

Hairstyles like tight ponytail can also result in hair breakage and damage.

Conclusion & What is the Best Hair Growth Product for Black Hair

When it comes to hair maintenance, it takes more than a single hair product. Most of the products discussed above come in a set. Each product reviewed in this article can go a long way in helping you maintain your hair and encouraging active hair growth. However, the ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE) set is my go-to choice.

These products promote hair growth and reduce hair loss by strengthening the hair, it repairs hair that has already been damaged, and it protects, conditions, hydrates, moisturized, softens, and revives the hair. It also stimulates and soothes the scalp and has blockers for DHT. It works perfectly on all hair types and is primarily a miracle worker when it comes to black hair.

You can get your ArtNaturals Argan Hair Growth Shampoo and conditioner set from trusted dealers internationally today!

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