Best Hair Clippers for Black Men in 2020

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What are the Best Hair Clippers for Black Men? Top Clippers for African American Hair in 2020

Unlike women, fast hair growth is not an exciting thing to a man. Visiting the barber regularly is not a task that we tend to look forward to. It is not only inconvenient but also time-consuming and expensive as well.

The best and easiest solution to your hair issues is to own your clippers. It is easy to go to the store and ask for any kind of clippers as they all perform the same task and work similarly regardless of the make and the brand. However, when it comes to African American men, there is a myriad of things to put into consideration before making your purchase.

Why is This the Case?

Unlike the latter, African American men have thick, curly, and also coarse hair. Taming and managing such hair is quite the task, and when it comes to trimming such hair, you will need a trimmer that can withstand the weight and the coarseness of the hair. This also applies to the beards of black men.

No random clippers can tame such hair. Lucky for us, several brands have taken into consideration this challenge and manufactured clippers that are strong and sharp enough to tame the thick, coarse, and curly mane of black men.

Best Hair Clippers for Black Men List

Discussed below is a list of eight of the sharpest bladed clippers with the most cumbersome blades that can handle black hair:

Andis UltraEdge Hair Clippers **TOP PICK**5 out of 5 stars
Andis Professional T-Outliner Hair Trimmer4.9 out of 5 stars
Wahl Professional All-Star Clipper/ Trimmer Combo #83314.8 out of 5 stars
Wahl Clippers Stainless Steel Clippers4.7 out of 5 stars
Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper4.8 out of 5 stars

Andis UltraEdge Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade Model BGRC, Black

The Andis UltraEdge Hair Clippers is designed with a rotary motor that can be used for heavy duty. The power delivered by the motor can be utilized in removing weight and bulk, which is perfect for black hair. The clipper can be converted into a cordless clipper using the BGR+ the battery pack and a charger which is typically sold separately.

Compared to traditional clippers, the Andis UltraEdge Hair Clipper is 20%, 10%, and 15% lighter, smaller and faster respectively. It is designed with ceramic edged blades which also happen to be an ultra edge in nature. The blades are able to make up to two thousand nine hundred strokes in a single second.

To ensure that the blades are capable, you need to oil than before, during, and after each use.


  • It can make up to two thousand nine hundred strokes in a single second
  • It has a heavy-duty rotary motor
  • It is lighter, smaller and faster than traditional clippers
  • It can be converted into a cordless clipper


  • It is expensive
  • It requires constant maintenance

Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer with t-Blade, Gray, Model GTO

The Andis Professional T-Outliner Hair/ Beard Trimmer is a professional standard clipper that can be used for several purposes including all-around outlining, fading, and dry-shaving. It is designed with a close-cutting T-blade that is made from carbon. The blade is designed in such a way that it can be zero-gapped.

Its housing is contoured in a perfect way, making it able to fit in your hands perfectly as you use it. This clipper has an eight-foot long cord that is heavy duty, and it also has a loop to be used for the purposes of hanging. This product also features magnetic motors that are high speed and heavy duty.


  • Its housing is perfectly contoured to fit in the hands properly
  • It has high-speed magnetic motors
  • It comes with an eight-foot long cord and a hanging loop
  • It is cordless


  • Maintenance may be challenging
  • It is expensive

Wahl Professional All-Star Clipper/ Trimmer Combo #8331

The Wahl Professional All Star Combo is a professional standard Trimmer/ clipper that is designed to deliver a sharp and expert performance as expected by professionals and experts. It combines two hair care products in a single package. These products are the Wahl Designer Clipper and Wahl Peanut trimmer.

This product is both lightweight, electromagnetic powered, and ergonomically designed. It is able to perform several functions including fading, blending, edging, and several other functions. It comes with a variety of accessories including four peanut attachment combs, a cleaning brush, a designer clipper, and six clipper attachment combs among other relevant accessories to enhance convenience.


  • It comes with all the accessories needed for its use
  • It is a lightweight clipper
  • It is multi-functional.
  • It is sharp


  • It is expensive
  • Maybe hard to come by as it is only sold in the United States

Wahl Clippers Stainless Steel Lithium Plus Beard Trimmer Kit Black No. 9864

This product is designed with stainless steel blades that are self-sharpening and have a black finish. It comes with twelve guide combs, a wide T-blade trimmer, a detailed trimmer head, a rotary nose or an ear head, a storage travel zipper pouch, a dual shiver head as well as a styling guide

It works on a lithium-ion rechargeable power technology that provides up to four hours of continuous running time for several months between charging. There is zero risk of charge loss during storage. The product comes in a variety of styles to suit individuals personal needs.

This multi-purpose clipper can also be converted into a cordless clipper.


  • It can be converted into a cordless clipper
  • It is multi-purpose
  • Its charge lasts for a long time
  • It comes in a variety of styles


  • It breaks quickly
  • It is expensive

Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper, Silver (01557)

The Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper is perfect for all-around cutting and tapering purposes. It is designed with a powerful and magnetic motor that can generate up to fourteen thousand cutting strokes in a single minute.

The blade can be adjusted from size 000 to size one which is from excellent for coarse hair like that of African American men. It can also be zero gapped. This clipper also comes with a convenient thumb switch that is placed at the side of the device and can be operated with a single hand. The switch performs the on and off operations.

The device also happens to have a durable casing that is lightweight and made of aluminum.


  • The casing is lightweight and unbreakable
  • The blade is adjustable from fine to coarse and can also be zero gapped
  • It has a powerful motor to generate up to 14000 cuts in a minute
  • It works for all round tapering and cutting


  • The sharp blades can cut the user if care is not taken
  • The battery time is low


Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

This product is designed for professional use as it can deliver the sharp performance that most professionals look for. It is a corded clipper with a powerful electromagnetic motor that is built to cut twice the speed of traditional pivot motors. This allows it to perform surgically close cuts, be quick, precise and effortless on the skin.

It comes with the Clippers, tow attachment combs, oil, a cleaning brush, a red blade guard and the instructions as part of the accessory package. It also comes with an eight-foot chemical resistant cord and a hanging loop. It is beautifully designed and weigh only one pound.


  • Its motor cuts twice the speed of regular pivot motors
  • It is quick and precise
  • It comes with several accessories in one pack
  • It has an 8-foot long chemical resistant cord


  • It is only sold within the US
  • It is expensive

Remington HC850 Virtually Indestructible Haircut Kit and Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Men

This is a 15-piece kit that consists of basically every product you will need to ensure a lifetime of effortless shaving and hair trimming. It has a power cut blade system that eliminates the chances of snagging and pulling. It also comes with a high power super motor that is magnetic. The magnetic motor allows for up to four times faster performance as compared to other traditional clippers.

Its blades are ground into perfect precision allowing the Clippers to cut through even the thickest hair with such ease and effortlessly. The entire device is very easy to clean. This is because the blades have a removable system that makes cleanup easy as well as maintenance.

It works on a 110-120 voltage.


  • It has precision ground blades
  • It has powerful motors that perform four times faster than regular clippers
  • It has a supercut blade system
  • It is easy to clean


  • Hair can get stuck in the blades
  • It is prone to destruction

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut Kit for men

The manufacturers describe this as the #1 multi-purpose device that can be used as a hair clipper, a beard trimmer, and a mustache trimmer as well. It comes with the highest precision blades that are self-sharpening and sharp enough to cut through all types of hair. The blades are also able to stay sharp for a long time.

This device comes with an adjustable taper laver that makes it easy for it to fade and blend. It also comes with securely fit premium guards as well as stainless steel clips. On top of that, it comes with guide combs that make the task of hair cutting easy and effortless.


  • It is a multi-purpose device
  • It has the most excellent precision blades
  • It comes with added accessories


  • The motor may run loud after a while
  • It breaks down faster

A Guide to the Best Clippers for Black Men

It goes without saying that making purchases has been made easier by the internet revolution. Through the internet, you can get several varieties of a single product to choose from. This is both a blessing and a curse.

The fact that there are several products to choose from makes it almost impossible to carry out adequate research before selecting the best item for you. As a black man, I am aware of how difficult it is to dive into the search for the best clippers to purchase. Often we find ourselves picking a random device as the task of sampling the several products is not a walk in the park.

To make your life easy, here are a few things to consider before purchasing a hair clipper:

  • The type of clippers- there are two types of clippers in the market. These are the manual clippers and electronic clippers. The manual clippers work solely on manpower and are built with a set of clips that are bonded together to provide fast and close trim.
  • The electric clippers, on the other hand, are the entire rave in the market today. Other than just being electronic, several brands have gone as far as to make their electric clippers electromagnetic, rotator and with pivoted motors. These clippers are much faster, easier to use, and more comfortable as compared to the manual clippers.
  • When it comes to types of clippers, you can go as far as dividing them into the corded and the cordless clippers. The cordless clippers are more preferred than the corded. However several brands have made their clippers in such a way that they can be converted from corded to cordless upon a full charge.

Other things to look for in good clippers for a black man

  • The battery life- for professional barbers and stylists, this is especially a vital consideration. A high-end product with long battery life, one that does not heat up or one that does not make noise as much is the most preferred deal. However, it may be a bit pricey.
  • The cost- when it comes to purchasing any product, the price is one of the first things to consider. As much as the best quality products may be expensive, there are several companies like Phillips and Wahl that manufacture good quality affordable products.
  • The design- it has been proven severally that a good design does not guarantee a right quality product. Several beautifully designed products in the market do not match the hype. However, it i9s always wise to but clippers with a design that you like and one that you can grip with ease.
  • The comfort- when it comes to making any purchase, satisfaction is an essential aspect of the decision. It all comes down to the design and the purposefulness of the product. A comfortable clipper is one that you can grip with ease and one that performs all its purposes in the most convenient way.
  • The ease of use- when it comes to black hair, the best clipper is the one that is easiest to use and to control, especially if the clipper is intended for domestic use. A clipper with too many blades and or combs might not be the easiest to use. A good clipper is one that is hustle free when it comes to operating and also when it comes to cleaning it.
  • A clipper with levers that automatically go from one blade to another is also easier to operate as compared to the manual kind. There are clippers that can automatically clean and sharpen their blades. These are the go-to options.
  • The Blades- this is probably the most significant feature in a clipper. What to look for in a good clipper is the quality of the blades, the material, the closeness, the number, and such things. Before making your purchase, you ought to be aware of what you are looking for.

Whether it is lithium, stainless steel, carbon, or any other blade, there is power in knowledge. The most popular blades are the stainless-steel blades. However, several brands have begun coming up with the carbon steel blades as they are more durable than the latter.

On the other hand, professional barbers and stylists prefer the ceramic blades as they do not heat up faster regardless of how long you have your clippers running.

  • The Combs- a good quality of clippers comes with a good range of combs. The best of the best have combs that range from 000 to 1 mm. The closer the range of combs, the better the shave the clipper can deliver.
  • The Noise- regardless of the fact that it is impossible for clippers not to make any noise, the excellent quality clippers make the least noise. There are clippers that start with very minimal noise while new, but as they age, they begin to make a lot of noise. It is wise to read the product reviews before making your purchase.
  • The accessories accompanied by the product- another essential thing to do before making your final purchase is to look into the accessories that come with the product. Such accessories include the combs, the dusters, the brushes, and several other items. Regardless of the fact that they do not have a direct impact on the performance of the clippers, these accessories help to make the shaving experience better and reduce the cost of buying the accessories separately.

Taking Care of Your Clippers

While going through the customer reviews for the clippers discussed above, some of the negative reviews had a lot to do with breakage. As much as the customers would like to blame this on the manufacturers, it comes down to how you take care of your clippers. To avoid such issues as breakage of clippers while they are still new, this is how you can take care of your clippers:

The most important thing is to ensure that you clean your blades after every single use. If you do not use your clippers regularly, or you stay for a while before using them, then you probably have to clean them before and after you use them. Cleaning can quickly be done using a toothbrush or cleaning accessories that come with some of the clippers.

The other important aspect of maintaining your clippers is to oil the blades properly from time to time. In the instructions of some of the clippers discussed above, some manufacturers recommend that you oil your clippers before, after, and during usage. The aim of oiling the clippers is to ensure that they perform smoothly.

Oil does not come as part of the package when buying clippers. However, clipper oil is quite cheap, and a small amount lasts for a long while.

The other aspect of maintenance is storage. When it comes to storing your clippers, basic instructions are not to store them in a place where they can fall and break, not to store them near the reach of kids, and also not to store them in a place with moisture for the sake of the blades.

It is also critical to consider that when clippers are used for a long period, they are prone to wear out just like any other product. such an event cannot be avoided. a good clipper, however, lasts for a while without wearing out.

How to Use the Clippers

The first thing to do is to have an idea on what amount of hair you wish to trim. What comes next is to choose an appropriate comb for the length you want to cut. For African American hair, the half inch guard is the best option.

With that, you can comfortably trim your hair, beard or mustache.

Conclusion & What are the Best Hair Clippers for African American Hair

To maintain a functional appearance, you probably need to use your clippers at least once a week. All the brands discussed above would probably give you the results you need. However, what I would pick as the top choice is the Andis UltraEdge Hair Clippers (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE).

This clipper has a rotary motor designed for heavy duty. This means that it can trim even the thickest and the coarsest of hairs. It is also convertible into cordless, it is much smaller, lighter, and faster than the latter, it has ceramic edge blades, and a battery that lasts for a long time. This device is designed to work with an ultra edge system and is quite durable, making it the perfect choice for an African American man.

This is the best product for black men. Get yours now from trusted dealers near you!

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