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What is the Best Curling Iron for African American Hair? Top Irons for Black Hair in 2019

We are living in an age when looking good is not up for discussion; it just happens almost all too naturally; you’d think we’ve been programmed to seek after elegance. But isn’t it our typical nature to strive and make ourselves look astonishing to the public eye?

Our hairs are just as important as any other part(s) of our bodies. We all want to look good, but most importantly, we all want our hair to look outstanding. To stand out from everyone else, you have to stand on certain grounds of beauty exertion.

Black hair is often characterized with sensitivity and difficulty in maintenance and conditioning because of their rigid nature and varied types. The curly and kinky black hair types are among the commonest types of hair among black women and there’s a lot you probably didn’t know.

While black kinky or curly hair is literally what every black woman would desire to have, most of these types are susceptible to unruliness and may also need regular styling to match every occasion because you wouldn’t want to wear the same hair as a uniform.

Most women would ask the big question at this point; what about those not so lucky to have naturally curling hair?

A curling iron was made specially for the purposes of generating hair curls and even stylings. Women who do not have curly hair can use it to generate their hair curls and those with curly or kinky air can use it to style their hair to match the occasion.

Best Curling Iron for Black Hair List

Wondering which curling iron to purchase for your black hair? Here, we’ve created a list of the best curling iron for black hair; why don’t you check it out:

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron **TOP PICK**5 out of 5 stars
Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Titanium Professional Curling Iron4.9 out of 5 stars
5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron4.8 out of 5 stars
HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold Marcel Iron4.7 out of 5 stars
BaBylissPRO Ceramic Tools Spring Curling Iron4.8 out of 5 stars

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

With a 50-heat-setting, this curling iron comes with a turbo option of up to 450°F providing a heat boost for maximum temperature. A button is in place for the instant activation of the turbo heat boost.

The Nano Titanium barrel of this curling iron allows for the penetration of infrared heat all through to the hair shafts for the deliverance of smooth curls, free from frizz while the barrel remains stable at such ultra-high temperatures, thanks to the Nano-Titanium conductor.

Its Sol-Gel Ceramic technology boosts the iron barrel’s strength and smoothness by 37% and 22% respectively thus making styling quite easy while producing textured waves and or curls. The iron’s 8-foot cord, of course, tangle-free, seals the deal.


  • It has 50 heat settings
  • Its turbo button makes the boost activation quite simple and fast
  • The Nano Titanium conductor stabilizes its barrel
  • The Sol-Gel Ceramic technology boosts its strength and smoothness


  • You may find the tip to be quite small
  • It retains heat when still plugged, even when off

Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Titanium Professional Curling Iron

This curling iron is designed with a superior barrel which has an advanced ceramic styling surface. Its unique tourmaline technology will boost your hair’s health and reduce frizzing. What’s more is that it has the unique ability to reduce dryness and thus result in shiny beautiful hair.

The curling iron’s tourmaline incorporation into the surface design sees to the heat distribution to the tip from the barrel and back. This ensures even curls. The Hot Tools’ Pulse technology recalibrates any heat surge to ensure continued and uninterrupted functionality.

It has several heat settings to support the 430°F and ensure excellent results for all hair types. It has a comfortable grip enhanced by its Soft Touch handle and an 8-foot-chord for easy maneuverability.


  • Its Tourmaline technology enhances heat distribution
  • The Hot Tools’ Pulse technology recalibrates heat surges
  • It has quite a comfortable grip
  • It has an 8-foot chord for easy maneuverability


  • It could come off as costly
  • It has a single voltage

5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron

This curling iron set consisting of clipless and clamped barrels comes with a unique and rare heat resistant glove. The absence of a cooling tip makes this curling iron quite quirky and actually increases the surface area for curling.

The curling iron’s tourmaline technology ensures that your hair remains hydrated by trapping its moisture, offers ultimate protection to your hairs’ cuticles and reduces the static effects on hair this minimizing frizz. The ceramic surface is gentle on the hair thus reducing hair damage and loss and eventually leaves your hair looking shinier.

This curling iron comes with an advanced heat and temperature control. It’s equipped with 9 heat settings construed into a digital screen with an LCD display for the temperature range of 250°F and 410°F.


  • Its barrels are clipless and clamped
  • It has a rare heat resistant glove
  • It has a large surface area for curling because of the absence of a cooling tip
  • The ceramic surface reduces hair damage


  • The absence of a cool tip is a bummer to most users
  • It doesn’t have a temperature distribution system

HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold Marcel Iron

Do you want to make loose waves and or snappy curls or are gentle hair bends your thing? If any of those styling options works for you, then perhaps this curling iron will work excellently for you. It has a good conduction styling surface which styles all hair types excellently.

The 24k gold styling surface’s good heat conduction, ensures even heat distribution for consistency and sturdy results. What’s more is that this curling iron is able to acquire and retain hit, enabled by its Hot Tools’ Pulse technology.

Its unique locking and rotating handles lessen styling strains. The Marcel Iron has a TouchGuard for an improved firm grip. For long-lasting curls, this is the curling iron to use.


  • Ideal for lose waves, snappy curls and or gentle hair bends
  • Ideal for long-lasting curls
  • It has a good conduction 24k gold styling surface
  • Its Hot Tools’ Pulse technology enhances its heat acquisition and retention
  • Its locking and rotating handles lessen styling strains


  • It doesn’t have easy maneuverability
  • It could come off as heavy, making its handling somewhat difficult

BaBylissPRO Ceramic Tools Spring Curling Iron

Only very few curling irons have more than 10 heat settings; BaBylissPRO Ceramic Tools Spring Curling Iron has 25. The several heat settings make temperature collimation easy for all hair types. They also ensure a smoother experience and an efficient functionality.

With its 400°F heat registration, BaBylissPRO comes with an additional yet unique dual voltage. It has a Nano Titanium conductor to ensure the curling iron’s barrel remains stable as it heats through super-high temperatures. It also enhances the penetration of heat to the hair shafts.

For smooth curls that are free from frizz, this is the ideal curling iron to use. It not only has a comfortable handle for an easy grip but also has a long-enough chord to ensure easy maneuverability and prevent minor accidents while styling.


  • It has 25 heat settings
  • It has up to a 400°F heat registration
  • It has a unique dual voltage


  • It doesn’t have an auto shut off
  • It doesn’t have a cool tip

Final Words

Not sure if this will work for you? It’s quite simple actually. If you’d want beautiful and expert curls for your hair, all you have to do is try out a curl iron and marvel at the results which we’re pretty confident won’t disappoint.

Why would you, anyway, put yourself through the trouble of making your own curls in your own way while taking forever? Take the easy yet professional way that’ll give you satisfactory results.

Conclusion & What is the Best Curling Iron for Black Hair

A curling iron is an amazing beauty supply that you should have with you for your black hair. if curls are your thing, then a curling iron is most definitely your thing too. Looking good doesn’t have to come at a great cost; a curling iron ensures that.

The listed products are but a few of the hundreds out there; they’re the best of what you can find out there. However, we seem to find that BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE) could be exactly what you need for your black hair.

It has a Nano Titanium barrel to allow infrared heat to penetrate the shafts of your hair and deliver smooth curls that are free from frizz. It further has a Sol-Gel Ceramic technology that boosts the strength and smoothness of the iron barrel by 37% and 22% respectively.

With more amazing features that will surely blow your mind, BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron has proven to be exactly what any woman would get for her black hair. Why don’t you join the masses and get yourself this curling iron today?

Do You Need A Curling Iron?

It’s not rare to find black women with curly hair. Actually, kinky and or wavy hair is one of the most common hair types among black women. However, these curls are either natural or not.

Naturally curling hair is naturally beautiful and admirable. It’s the type of hair every woman would wish to have from birth but since some stages of life happen without our consent, we have to settle for what we get at the end.

However, some women are not so lucky as to be born with naturally curling hair, and may therefore need help with curling them. Traditionally, women used to make their own curls by making knots on their hair which when untied after about 12 hours, deliver beautiful curls.

The hitch with traditional curls, however, is that they take forever to achieve. We don’t all have the whole day to sit on our beds making curls with only the help of our hands and some jell to help make smooth knots.

We’re all busy with something, and would therefore appreciate it if we had something to help with making perfect curls within a short time while cutting down on the hustle. This is where a curling iron comes in.

A curling iron is used to make quick beautiful curls for your hair within a short time. These curls could however last for days and even weeks, depending on the curling iron you’re using and its specifications.

Natural Curls

Most women with naturally curling hair don’t really see why they may need a curling iron. I mean, seriously, why would you if your hair is already curled? Well, the following are two major reasons why:

To eliminate unruliness

When it comes to beauty, curly hair has it all. But when it comes to unruliness, they also have it all. So, ask yourself the big question; does your curly hair get unruly? The answer to this is most definitely a yes.

To eliminate hair unruliness, you need more than your regular beauty supplies; you need a curling iron. Remember that we’re trying to save on both effort on time, because the two are of so much essence, especially in such times when most people have to be at work early in the morning.

To match the occasion

Curly hair will more often than not go with any outfit. But then, curls come in various different stylings and these give you a pool of options to choose from. So, how do you know which style to wear on a particular day?

Styling your curly hair can be quite difficult especially if and when you’re using time-consuming supplies.

A curling iron is ideal for this process so that as you style to match the occasion, you’ll be able to reduce the stress of time wastage, especially when you’re not sure which style to wear and may therefore need to keep changing every few minutes until it clicks.

Unnatural curls

Women who were not so lucky to have curly hair have had to bear with the hustle over the years. It’s not easy getting your hair to look neat and presentable within a short window of time and without struggling too much.

If you’re still conflicted on whether or not you need a curling iron, therefore, then you should check out the following reasons why you should get yourself one as soon as you can:


Curling irons speed up the styling process. They’re known for their speedy functionality in hair styling, and therefore are ideal for women who want to save on time as much as they can. Yes, they’ll come at a cost, but is the cost worth the time saved? Most definitely, yes!


They make precise and accurate curls. Consider a curling iron your first best friend in hair curling because unlike any other beauty supplies, this was meant specially for the sole purpose of making and styling curls.

If you’d like to walk around, therefore, with curls looking like they were made by a pro, then you should get yourself a curl iron and at the comfort of your home, enjoy the beautiful results that it’ll deliver.


There’s always something extra about something good. Curl irons deliver extra, and the following are some more reasons why you should get yourself one:


While this is not the sole purpose of a curl iron, most of the advanced models deliver a cute shine on your hair. This may be unimaginable considering the typical nature of a curl iron which is basically to make curls. However, trending and current designs have been made to deliver a shiny finish.


This is often associated with moisturizers but it’s not entirely the case now, is it? certain curl iron designs were made to trap hair moisture while you make your curls, meaning your hair will remain moisturized for as long as the curls remain intact. Amazing enough?

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