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What is the Best Black Dating Site? Top Dating Websites for African Americans in 2019 

The need to find a companion has spawned a list of endless dating sites scattered all over. The simplicity in them, an overbearing confidence as you nonchalantly type about your hobbies to a stranger on the other end, it’s certainly exiting!

Despite this vast existence of dating sites, few of them act as a platform for the black population. Do not fret however, I have your back! Are you black, single and ready to mingle? Today you will know of the existence of a number of quality black dating sites.

Well, they have everything! They are engineered to provide maximum communication between people through chat, audio, and even video. Put those flirtatious words to work and you never have to worry about lonely nights or eating take out by fridge, alone!

Providing an arsenal of services, these black dating sites have earned themselves some recognition across the lands. Some even have a membership of up to 40 million, this is good news! Means, will you win the jackpot? Probably no, but will you find a suitable partner, yes!

Get to meet various black individuals with the same ploy as yours and who knows who you might click or coincide with. When it comes to security, rest assured that these sites are fully encrypted to protect all your chats.

So are you interested? You might land yourself the perfect man or woman. We have all seen a number of couples, standing at the altar, reciting their beautiful love stories! “We met on a dating site “they often start. So if you play your cards right you might just get hooked too.

Having made my pitch, take a glance at some of my favorite black dating sites.


BlackPeopleMeet is considerably one of the largest black dating sites in US. Streaming in a whopping 5.7 million visitors each month, a giant in the making! It uses an efficient matching system orchestrated by a number of things like; zip, height, ethnicity, yes votes and more.

Remember the internet can be a dark and dangerous place, so you want to make sure you’re secure and fully protected from scammers and weirdos!

Not surprisingly, the site caters to the large societal crowds. This includes heterosexuals, homosexuals, lesbians and even bisexuals. It offers you a free membership but the services and outreach will definitely increase for a paying member.


  • Has free search filters
  • Has 24-hours hotline number
  • Provides detailed profiles


  • Limited free communication
  • Bombarded with too much features that become confusing


Having being established in 2001, Interracial Match has amassed a lot of members. It has also maintained these user base, by constantly improving its features. The site mostly uses an ethnic filter this is due to the large number of Asian, African American and Hispanic users.

The most fundamental aspect about this glorious site is that completely transforms into a social platform, not just your regular private chats. You’re able to post videos and even create a blog. This allows you to make some mild impressions that will have you flocking with messages!

What are looking for in a woman or man? Apart from the usual messaging, Interracial Match also throws in a ‘Let’s meet “feature. So having persevered through the hectic ‘getting to know each other section’, you could go for the kill and finish your courting with a romantic meeting.


  • Uses a Facebook type of interaction
  • Allows you to post videos
  • Has a large user base


  • Membership cost is high
  • Does not have instant messaging

This dating site has taken Africa by storm, spanning across many African countries, AfroIntroductions offers a delectable array of beautiful black people. When was the last time you went on a date? If you’re a little rusty, don’t worry immersing about yourself an online dating.

The site offers video chatting for you and you intended to appropriately communicate. Though it mainly focuses on Connecting African individuals, it doesn’t bar any other ethnic communities from interacting with the massive black community.

On the onset, Afrointroductions presents a formidable matching system which improves with paid membership. It basically constitutes an imagery that leaves you with goosebumps. You can also create your own photo profile and customize it however you want.


  • Effective matching system
  • Has video chatting
  • Affordable


  • Features are minimal
  • No clear encryption features

Being single can often be devastating, an erring tranquility that just isn’t right for anyone. So, do you need a life partner? Someone who will let out sudden bursts of laughter each time you crack a lame joke? But please start out funny, then you could digress to your unfunny self with time.

It has an efficient matching system and updates you on the new members joining the site. This keeps you on your toe, always on the lookout like a hawk ready to pounce on some vulnerable predator. We all know loves makes everyone vulnerable, so claw out and grab what you want!

Well it won’t be easy it will take some major convincing skills, but the various message boards and chat systems will be your armor in your quest for love. is eye catching and designed to effortlessly join black women and black men.


  • Notifies you in case of new members
  • Has zodiac compatibility
  • Efficient matching systems


  • Free users have limited features
  • Faulty privacy

Believe it or not! This site provides a religious landscape and platform for black Christians wishing to meet and relate with each other. It’s an uplifting experience when black Christians are granted an opportunity to romantically interact perhaps even fall in love, bless up!

Impressively, BlackChristianPeopleMeet has an ever-growing user base that is projected to sky rocket to about 6 million in the next one year. This site is mainly guided by strict moralistic principles and so are the members.

So are you a staunch Christian, aiming to enter into a serious relationship with a similarly religious counterpart? This site doesn’t shout much but it does the job anyway. It comprises of email chats and matching systems to get you the right black Christian partner.


  • Very efficient in messaging
  • Helps in spreading the Christian faith
  • It is orderly


  • Has limited features
  • It might be hard for a non-Christian to efficiently mingle

African in nature! This dating sites hails from South Africa and seeks to connect different South African citizens together. Its outreach is splendid, serving both local and international members, SouthAfricaCupid spreads far and wide to find you a perfect match.

 Using only the best technology, this site offers credible search engines that allow you to visit various profiles belonging to gorgeous men and women. It offers instant messaging for those people who are already online, yes hit up that South African broad and see how it goes.

Working under the umbrella of Cupid Media Network, this site has been able to acquire some enticing incentives to further promote its brand. For instance, it has CupidTags on the profile that enable you to give a brief and alluring description about yourself.


  • Offers privacy
  • Includes the CupidTag that acts like a hashtag
  • Uses advanced algorithms


  • Platinum membership is price
  • Free members don’t have a lot of access

Love is never in a rush; it will never give you any ultimatum. Such as “hey buddy if you don’t fall in love in the next one year, consider me gone. “It’s ageless and no matter how much mucky life gets you can always seek your better half at even 70 years.

This is the supreme drive that pushes SeniorBlackPeopleMeet forward. It is part of BlackPeopleMeet and aims to bring together older black people together. In solidarity, these senior members can come to interact and mess around a bit, just like old times.

SeniorBlackPeopleMeet is equipped with instant messaging, search profiles and simple navigation tools. Would you consider a dating site at 50 years? Disclaimer! It isn’t up to you, the universe works in mysterious ways, so don’t sell yourself short, my mushy friend!


  • Suitable for older people
  • Simple navigating tools for senior members
  • Efficient search profiles


  • The search profiles might not be extensive
  • Has very basic features

This site provides for both black and interracial love, synchronized with dashing photos this sight is both attractive and a true representation of all the beautiful souls out there that deserve love. A special feature is the dating articles that give you some beneficial dating tips.

The messaging is instant, so don’t be scared about them opening that romantic email you sent, 16 hours later. The site is also decked with video chat systems to aid in any prominent moves that you might want to make.

We all deserve the gift of love, and that love should also be kept sacred and hidden till we’re sure. It is for this reason that BlackCupid uses a SSL encryption to verify all the new members. The “Show interest button” A magical button that sends interest signals like a beacon.


  • It is mobile friendly
  • Affordable pricing
  • No automatic renewal plan


  • Free members have limited access
  • Only few photos can be uploaded

Well I have two options laid out plainly for you. One you could choose to go out to the club, hopelessly throw around a couple of dollars and probably break your neck while craning to look for a suitable lady.

The other option is staying home at the comfort of your sitting room and registering to What good is that going to do? I mean it could land you the love of your life, what would I know. The matching system is personality-based for your information.

This is conducted through some questions that gauge your mood, trust and thinking. The members are also able to keep a private list of the suitors they deem fit or have taken a liking to. All these sweet deals are meant to help you find love!


  • Workable research tools 
  • Has a private list
  • Has a personality test.


  • The platinum membership is expensive
  •  Features are based credit

First of all, it’s free! Yes, no one is going to try and get your credit card details for a date, all free! Despite being served an appetizing plate without any payments, you still have to do the most. The huge data base full of profiles will provide a suitable leeway for you.

The site has both a basic and advanced search method. The basic one mainly focuses things like; age, gender, country and distance. While the advanced one is elevated to noteworthy items like smoking and drinking habits, education, ethnicity. So it also serves as interracial dating site.

It provides an adequate chat forum where members can meet in large numbers and further their romantic endeavors. BlackDatingforFree, gifts its members a private album that can incorporate up to 8 photos, your best photos of course!


  • Provides a private album
  • Has plenty of chat forums
  • It is completely free


  • Has plenty of scammers
  • Many ads

Why Choose Black Dating Sites

Black women and men don’t always get the opportunity to fit into many conventional set ups, even the most basic one like dating ups. Thus, black dating sites form an enclaved atmosphere, whereby you can ethnically and culturally interact with other black men and women.

Dating can often make the hairs behind your neck stand up, it’s not easy task. It requires you to make a crazy first impression, especially if you’ve gone to some fancy restaurant or even a movie. The constant fidgeting, doubting your every single move, who wants that!

Instead, black dating sites come with a breezing air of comfort. Breaking those chains and allowing you to utilize your keyboard skills for a while. After finding a perfect match, you’ll progress to a video chat, the flow is not rushed!

A number of these black dating websites also come in handy for those willing to venture into interracial dating. Since, the internet is crowded with different people with various diverse preferences. Is an ethnic based dating site your cup tea? Well try it out, see where it goes.

So are you looking for a worthy black companion to make your life easier? To lift off all that burden chaff? Turn to black dating sites, but you must also be wary when choosing a suitable option. You owe yourself some happiness

My views might be a little crooked, but I am sure they affirm and coincide to exactly what you want and need. Just like some scary barking dogs out here, a lot of black dating websites will revel in constant praises, mounted by their enticing reviews!

After a stressful week of working and bussing out every bone in your bone, a certain form relaxation is owed to you. What if I would tell you that a girlfriend or boyfriend is simply an understatement, yes! Black dating sites will introduce you to a whole new world, a lovely one!

The world is cruel and full of malicious things, but you can evade all these struggles by a milestone. No rainchecks, no disappointments. Just constant connection with a partner that suits you.

What to look for when contemplating about Black Dating Site

A lot of black dating sites exist, so it might be ominously difficult to choose from the innumerable options. It must be done with unduly precision if you’re going to hit the jackpot and have yourself a good dating site, this is what you need to consider. 

Privacy and Security 

We live in a technologically advanced society, and with power comes great responsibility. So naturally these black websites are mandated to protect all your information, photos and chats. Cybercrime brings with it a load of scammers and fraudulent forks. 

On that account, when exploring for a good enough dating site. Security should be your first priority; you’re completely entitled it. Do you want you chats out there for all the world to glaze at? It’s like hanging all your dirty linens for the mammoth of anticipatory peeps!

It’s advisable to hunt for a black site with an impenetrable security system. An SSL system is used to monitor and verify new members. This creates some distance between you and the scammers. It also ensures your photos and information is protected from prying eyes.

Search Tools

Like I said before the internet is a massive pit hole and unless you have a map, you will just end up wasting your time. So, to narrow you down to your destined place, are search tools and profiles. 

They allow you to accurately trace a partner without much tussle or time wastage. For black dating sites the most popular search tool is of course based on ethnicity, but this mostly applies for the White and Hispanic community.

 Since these dating sites are structured to avail and serve all the black women and men out there, the search profiles might aid in acquiring other facts like age, country, and zip. This narrows down your search and produces a well filtered list.

What age, country, and personalities are you targeting? The search tools allow you to filter out all the undesirable candidates. You might even get a companion who is a stone’s throw away from you, even much better.

Membership Requirements

Nothing is cheap! Especially if you have the opportunity to win yourself a better half. Dating sites offer free registration which gives you access to a number of features. At the same time, you might be tempted and willing to whip out your credit card for gold and platinum membership.

This implies access to a whole lot of other fascinating features; the dating world site has to offer. Don’t try and act all surprised, it’s better than blowing money in the club or on a hopeless romance!

What services do you require? Take a sit and contemplate if you need access to a wider category of options, security and features. These features are; better search profiles, personality matches, dating articles and tips.


It’s 2019, all dating sites should have instant messaging, and how do you expect me to score if you don’t give me an opportunity to efficiently communicate! Instant messaging is very efficient to effect a flowing conversation that wastes no time!

The regular email chats are a definite bummer, no matter how much they serve in conveying the message. Additionally, a dating site with video chatting is exemplary! Who knows when you might want to make sure you’re talking to the right person.

Matching mechanism

For super functional systems, designed with algorithms, establishing a matching mechanism can never be an issue. This is because the system enters into your hide and rips out all that valuable information, it then replicates it right in front of your eyes. Do an extensive search on women above 30 and the next minute your timeline is full of them.

Other matching mechanisms are nothing but creative. For example, some sites have zodiac matching systems. They match you to a number of partners with the same zodiac sign as you, anything works!

Conclusion & What is the Best Black Dating Site

I could go on and on about the numerous aspects that involve black dating sites. But I don’t want to batter your head with a lot of information. Just be sure that there is a special someone out there for you, this where you say no loneliness!

You are then tasked with the obligation of choosing a suitable dating site. But one has particularly caught my eye and I can’t hold my tongue anymore! BlackPeopleMeet is a classic site with enticing features likely to be of help to you.

Being one of the oldest sites, BlackPeopleMeet has had the opportunity of improving all their systems to a top-notch grid which is almost flawless. It has a huge fan base which correlates to a variety of options.

This site also has good matching systems that incorporate a number of things like age, Zip, country and others. The same can be said for search profiles and LGBT outreach. This site will open a whole new romantic world for you.

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