Best Beard Oil for Black Men in 2020

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What is the Best Beard Oil for African American Males? Top Products for Black Men in 2020

Beards are fast becoming an in thing, a trending fashion. So many celebrities are taking to the trend of growing beards and looking good. You may find that it is difficult to keep your beard as flawless as what you in magazine covers and in the social media pages of your favorite bearded celebrities.

Well, what you may lack knowledge about is the fact that most of these perfect bearded individuals are for sure using the best beard oils in the market. When it comes to black men, finding the beard oil that may work for you may come as a challenge.

Why is this the case for black men?

Black men have naturally occurring curly hair. It goes without saying that black hair is unruly and difficult to tame. The same goes for beards for black men. Black men have thick facial hair that also happens to be coarse and a pain when it comes to shaving.

Why use beard oils?

Beard oils have been guaranteed to be a good product for conditioning and hydrating the beard hair both on the fore skin and under the skin. Using beard oils results in the facial hair that was once flaky and dull becoming vibrant hydrated and most importantly; smooth.

Below are ten of what we found to be the best beard oils in the market:

Bossman Essentials beard kit-beard oil, conditioner and balm **TOP PICK**5 out of 5 stars
Maracuja Oil and Shea Butter4.9 out of 5 stars
Beard Grooming for men care- unscented beard oil4.8 out of 5 stars
PREMIUM Unscented beard oil4.7 out of 5 stars
Jack Black Beard Oil4.8 out of 5 stars

Bossman Essentials beard kit-beard oil, conditioner and balm

The Bossman Essential Beard Kit is a complete beard treatment package that includes a beard conditioner cream, a jelly beard oil as well as a relaxing beard balm. The conditioner is meant to replenish the dry facial pores in the beard area as well as the dry beard hair. It also stimulates the growth of the beard hair.

The Bossman beard oil is guaranteed to moisturize and to soften the facial hairs. What makes this specific product stand out from all the rest in the market is the fact that it has an increased viscosity. This means that it is able to form a better bond with the follicles of the hair, the pores and the skin as well.

The Bossman beard oil is also known to be a remedy for beard itching. It also guarantees a reduction of brittleness of the beard hair as well as the dryness. Above all, it makes the beard more manageable making it perfect for a black man.


  • The Bossman essential beard kit comes with a beard conditioner, beard oil as well as a balm
  • The beard oil is highly viscous increasing its bond with hair follicles, the pores and the skin
  • It gets rid of beard itching
  • It hydrates and moisturizes the beard making it soft and manageable
  • It gets rid of dry skin and brittle hair


  • It cannot be purchased independently
  • It has a scent that may be irritating to sensitive people

Maracuja Oil and Shea Butter

Shea has created a men’s beard regimen that is guaranteed to help you achieve softened, conditioned and stylish facial hair that also happens to be free from scruff. Among the products in this regimen is the Shea Beard Oil.

The Shea beard oil known as the Maracuja Oil is infused with ingredients that are guaranteed to give the facial hair maximum hydration resulting is firmness and smoothness of the hair. The product is infused with essential fatty acids as well as vitamin C that works as a brightening agent.

It helps in the process of rejuvenation for hair that is already dull and appearing lifeless. It is also known to promote the growth of hair cells. Using the Maracuja oil results in healthier, shinier, and smoother beard hair.


  • It contains the essential fatty acids and vitamin C
  • It hydrates the hair
  • It smoothens the beard hair


  • It has a scent that may come off as too strong for some people
  • It is costly

Beard Grooming for men care- unscented beard oil

Beard Grooming for men care is a regimen for taking care of your beard that consists of wooden combs for your beard and unscented beard oil. The aim of the wooden comb is to minimize the static and friction that arises from using plastic combs which may result in damaging the hair.

The unscented beard oil is specially made for the beard of black men. It is known to soften and tame unruly beard hair making it more manageable. The oil moisturizes the facial hair and leaves the skin without greasy traces. It also contains fatty acids and vitamins that are good for the growth of facial hair and also keep the beard hair healthy.


  • It is majorly organic
  • It does not have a scent hence cannot cause irritation to any users
  • It hydrates the hair
  • It softens black beard hair
  • It contains fatty acids and vitamins that are good for maintaining healthy beard hair


  • The lack of a scent may come as a turn off to some people
  • It may take a while to show results

PREMIUM Unscented beard oil

The PREMIUM unscented beard oil restores, protects and gives life to lifeless facial hair. It is a solution to the issue of dry beard hair, thin and also beard hair that falls out.

The moisture that is comprised in this beard oil is guaranteed to treat split ends in your beard hair, get rid of the painful irritation that beards can cause, completely eliminate the flakiness of the beard hair, and smoothening of the beard hair. It also detangles the tangled facial hair, and promotes faster and healthier beard growth.

This product can also be used to eliminate dry facial skin as well as dry facial hairs. It can as well be used on the scalp and the hair. It I also said to produce results with the first application.


  • It produces results in a very short time
  • It promotes healthier and faster beard hair growth
  • It replenishes dry and lifeless beard hair
  • It smoothens the hair and eliminates flakiness and split ends


  • It may result in allergic reaction to some people
  • It may cause irritation and congestion if it comes into contact with the eyes

Jack Black Beard Oil

This product is manufactured from a blend of organic oils that are certified, antioxidants that also happen to be potent and vitamins. The vitamins are meant to help in preventing skin dryness and itching of the skin as well.

The Jack Black Beard Oil is a hydrating agent for beard hair. It softens dry beard or facial hairs, as well as hair that has fallen victim to brittleness. It also contains fatty acids that promote a healthier shine of the beard hair. The botanicals and essential oils that are present in this product work jointly to perform the softening function of the beard oil.

This product has a pure science formula that allows for the natural oils in the beard oils to be absorbed quickly into the follicles of the hair hence moisturizing and hydrating the hair.


  • It has a pure science formula that allows for quick absorption into the hair follicles
  • It contains essential and natural oils that soften the beard hair
  • It reduces itchiness in the beard area


  • It is expensive
  • It has a scent that may be irritating to some people

Fragrance Free Beard Oil

The oil is made from two main ingredients; the Moroccan Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil. This means that it contains zero GMOs, additives, fragrances as well as additives. It is known to eliminate itching and the occurrence of dandruff in the beard area or facial hairs.

It also moisturizes the beard as well as the skin of the face. The organic ingredients that are used in the manufacture of the Fragrance free beard oil allow for its replenishing and revitalizing features. The beard oil is also known to strengthen the beard and preventing falling out of the beard and facial hairs.

It also nourishes the facial hair and helps maintain a manageable and healthy beard.


  • It is completely made from organic ingredients
  • It has no fragrance
  • It reduces beard hair dandruff and itching


  • It may take a while to show results
  • It is expensive

Urban Prince Beard Oil

This product is a perfect hydrating and moisturizing agent for the beard hair. It also hydrates and moisturizes the skin that is underneath the beard creating a natural balance of oils as well as moisture between the beard and the skin. It also builds a protective barrier against beard dandruff that is mostly irritating and unappealing.

It gives the beard a fuller look and keeps it healthy and conditioned. The beard oil has a refreshing fragrance that is achieved from a combination of cedar, grape fruit, fir, lavender and other spices. This creates and sense of sophistication.

It is formulated with jojoba oil, Argan, coconut oil, olive oil, aloe Vera oils, and grape seed oils that all happen to be terrific carrier oils.


  • It is made from a blend of five carrier oils It has a sweet and sophisticated fragrance
  • It eliminates dandruff
  • It hydrates and moisturizes the hair as well as the skin underneath the hair


  • It is expensive owing from its expensive ingredients
  • It has a strong scent

Viking Revolution Best deal beard oil conditioner 3 pack

This product is highly organic and guaranteed to tame even the burliest of beard hairs. It is made from a perfect blend of the natural oils Jojoba and Argan Oil. The conditioner content in this beard oil regimen is set to restore the softness and the shine of your beard and make it more manageable.

This product gets rid of itchiness in the beard as well as the accompanying scratchiness. While doing so, it also gets rid of beard hair dandruff and prevents their re occurrence as well. All this can be achieved with a few drops of the beard oil on the skin beneath the beard and on the beard hairs as well.

It reduces cases of beard hair frizz and makes it soft, shiny and more manageable. It also moisturizes both the beard hair and the skin underneath the beard hair.


  • It gets rid of itchiness and scratchiness of beard hairs
  • It hydrates and moisturizes the beard hair and the skin
  • It prevents dandruff


  • The smell is too strong in the bottle
  • It takes a while to show results

GROW Maximum Beard Growth and Mustache accelerator

This product is known for its ability to accelerate the growth of beard hair. Using this product results in a fuller beard in a short while. It contains supplements and growth enhancement ingredients which activate both the hair follicles and the serum as well.

It reduces itchiness of the beard, and irritation of the skin in the beard area. It also repairs split ends, tames fly away hairs and strengthens the beard hairs. It makes the beard soft and shinny as well.

It can be used by black men as well as men of other races and on all hair types. It is guaranteed not to cause any form of irritation or unwanted bumps on the skin. It is guaranteed to work in a short while and has a sweet fragrance.


  • It reduces itchiness
  • It gets rid of split ends
  • It promotes accelerated hair growth and development


  • It leaves behind a residue
  • The scent may be irritating to some people

Best Sandalwood Beard Oil and Conditioner for men-2oz

The product contains such ingredients as Sand wool oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, and oak moss. These ingredients are responsible for the manly scent of the product that oozes masculinity.

The product is also an incredible conditioner. It soaks quickly into the follicles of the hair, the pores and skin allowing it to treat beard hair that is dry, coarse and unruly. It also calms the skin underneath the beard, moisturizes the beard, and gives it a more tamed and manageable appearance.

It is rich in vitamin E which provides the beard with a glowing appearance.


  • It is rich in nutrients
  • It prevents itching and dryness
  • It contains four essential oils
  • It soaks quickly into the hair follicles and the pores as well as the skin


  • It may cause allergic reactions
  • It may cause irritation if exposed to the eyes

The Essential Beard Grooming Products You Need

Growing a beard is more than just letting your facial hair grow endlessly. It involves a lot of maintenance which including monitoring its length and also keeping it tame and manageable. In order to do so, there are some beard essentials that you cannot do without.

  • Scissors/trimmers- these will help you keep your beard at a desirable length always.
  • Facial soap- since you cannot use normal hair shampoo on facial hair, you need a special facial soap that will not irritate your skin but will do the trick when it comes to cleaning your beard.
  • Combs and brushes- using wooden combs is most advisable as wood does not cause harmful static when it causes friction with the hair. Brushes should also be smooth not to hurt the skin on contact.
  • Beard oil- this entire article explains why you need to adopt to beard oils and tonics

What to Consider When Selecting the Right Beard Oils for Black Men

  • Carrier Oil- this is the main ingredient for beard oil. The oils need to contain antioxidants like vitamin E, fatty acids and comedogenic. Some carrier oils to look out for in the product you purchase include Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Grape seed and coconut oil.

Jojoba oil contains iodine, copper, silicon, zinc, and both Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E that are all essential for maintaining a healthy beard hair. Argan oil on the other hand contains fatty acids and vitamin E while Coconut oil has large amounts of saturated fatty acids as well as vitamin E. finally Grape Seed oil has a good amount of beneficial acids, astringents and Vitamin E as well.

  • The scent- this one may be considered basing on your personal preferences. While some people may prefer their beards to be un scented, others may opt the other way round. There are several brands that manufacture unscented oils while there are those that manufacture those with fragrance.

When choosing the scent, most men will go to scents that are close to those of male colognes. Others are specific that they are looking for a masculine scent.

It is important to note however that scented beard oils may cause irritation on sensitive skin. If you do not know the sensitivity of your skin, you might want to opt for the unscented and not risk irritation.

  • The cost- it is always advised that you go for a product that matches your budget. There are several brands that can give you good quality products at an affordable price contrary to the popular opinion that quality equals cost.


Bard oils are applied after taking a shower. The reason is that the beard needs to be clean before application. Another reason is that the warm water that you shower with helps to open up the pores making it easier for the beard oil to be absorbed into them.

The first step is to dry the beard just a little bit so as to leave it a bit damp. The dampness will allow for easier application of the oil.

Then you need to put two to three drops of the beard oil on the palm of your hands. You may be tempted to use more but this is the perfect amount. Using excess oil may result in residue and a greasy skin.

The next step is to rub your palms together and run them through your beard. As you do this, make sure to massage the skin underneath the bars and distribute the oil evenly throughout the entire beard.

Finally, you need to comb through the beard. The aim of combing through it is to keep it neat and to also allow the oil to soak into the hair follicles, the pores and the skin as well.

Conclusion & What is the Best Beard Oil for Black Men

So now you have a list of ten beard oils that you can choose from. Each is guaranteed to give you your desired results when it comes to maintaining your beard. The Bossman Essential Beard Kit- beard oil, conditioner and balm (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE) checks all the boxes.

It contains the essential oils, it moisturizes and hydrates both the beard hair and the skin underneath the hair, it takes care of unruly hair and gets rid of beard hair tangles, it prevents itchiness and dandruff, prevents dryness and flakiness. It also nourishes the beard and gives it a softer, shinier and tamer appearance.

This is definitely the go-to beard oil for black men. Get it now from trusted dealers!                

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