8 Jobs Where African Americans Average Six Figure Salaries

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What are Some of the Highest Paying Jobs for African Americans?

Throughout the history of African Americans, financial struggle has simply been accepted as part of the lifestyle.  However, this is only true for those who have not been able to plan and prepare accordingly. In fact, black people can easily find different positions that will allow them the opportunity to not only live comfortably, but perhaps even live at a level right above that as well.

Comparably however, some of the websites that reveal a comprehensive analysis on salaries, compensation, and even company culture across all of the different industries, has revealed that there are several different jobs that allow African-Americans the opportunity to make over six figures per year, on average.  While it is extremely easy to say that you can always become an athlete, actor, or musician, those are only stereotypes that do not have an ounce of truth for 98% of the African Americans looking to become successful.

With that being said, here is the list of jobs where black people have the opportunity to start earning big money that in the tune of over six figures per year.

8 Six Figure Salary Jobs

#1 – Architect

The average architect is making over $116,000 per year

#2 – DevOps

This position can help you pull in an easy $108,000 per year

#3 – Director of Marketing

If you know what you’re doing marketing-wise, you can walk away with $128,000

#4 – Director of Product

This position will bank you a healthy $160,000 per year

#5 – IT Manager

If you know your IT, you can earn over $100,000 per year for it

#6 – Lead Engineer

While you will need to go to school and pay your dues, once that is all done, expect a hefty payday in the form of $128,500 every year

#7 – Product Manager

This position will easily bank you just shy of $120,000 per year

#8 – Sales Engineer

If you’re ready to take home a serous paycheck, this will do that in the form of $135,000 every year

Conclusion for 6-Figure Salaries for African Americans

This just goes to show that there are many different opportunities for African Americans to make over six figure salaries every year.  All that you have to do is work hard and know exactly what it is that you want to do. If you are able to stay focused on your goals and learn how to go about getting where you want to be, you will have no problem getting to the six figures per year mark.

Just remember that in this day and age, most people want to start making big money with as quickly as possible, without doing any work to earn it.  If that were a real thing, everybody would be doing it and everybody would be making over six figures every year. However, that is not how it works.  If you want to make big money, you are going to have to put in big work. If you are able to stay committed and keep focused on your ultimate goal, you will have no problem making over six figures per year.

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